Strzokin’ Mad: Sunday’s Comic


  1. First let me say this guy is a total ass and should not be working for the FBI. He was walked out of the building but not fired. He deserves whatever he gets in both is personal life and professional life. That being said, the congressman that made the comment about his wife is just as much a low life as this ass is. His personal life has nothing to do with trying to undermine the Trump administration in any shape or form, just the professional life that he still has and that is what really pisses me off, he hasn’t been fired yet. Can anyone tell me why? Though not.

  2. the deep state is deeper than one thinks.. that we now know reality of that does not change that

  3. If FBI special agent Strzok wants to get mad at somebody, he should buy a mirror.
    His jackass smirk displays his contempt for civilian authority over his precious FBI that he so proudly served in before he conspired to let a testosterone fueled partisan hatred destroy his life’s work.
    I have no pity for this idiot. I hope he’s forced out of gov’t. service and losses all of his benefits.
    I’m tired of professional criminals misrepresenting themselves and masquerading as life long public officials on city, county, state and national levels.
    People in public office should be held to a higher standard then those they serve.

    The Oracle

  4. The professional criminals misrepresent themselves as public servants. What a bunch of BS. No one has a higher paycheck than those on the battlefield. Average it out and that’s it. No career bureaucrats allowed outside of the military. Move government employees every 4 years or sooner. If it’s good enough for the military it’s good enough for the paper pushers. Just sayin’

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