The Problem With The Ideology Of Redfored Leadership

Noah Karvelis with Arizona Educators United

Earlier this month, in the Phoenix New Times, Noah Karvelis (Arizona Educators United and leader of the RedForEd movement) defended his motives for speaking at the Socialism 2018 conference, held in Chicago that kicked off the following day after the Fourth of July.  A conference which included talks such as “Karl Marx: From Extreme Democrat to Revolutionary,” and “A World Without Borders? Marxism, Nations, and Migration.”  The conference whose moderator, Dana Blanchard (a former teacher) from the International Socialist Organization (ISO) declared, “We need to use our powers as workers to take down this wretched system.” In his defense, Karvelis argued that he would speak at any conference who would have him, Republican, Socialist, or otherwise.  Fair enough.

It is his statement regarding the reason he went to Chicago that has me the most troubled.  According to the article, Karvelis states that he attended the conference as a networking opportunity with other teacher-organizers when the Chicago teachers’ union asked him to participate as a speaker.  “That was the draw,” he told Phoenix New Times, “to go and talk to these educators who are leading these different movements.”

I must ask why teachers and teachers unions are congregating at the Socialism 2018 conference.  It seemed at first that the involvement in socialism activity was concealed, when Noah Karvelis began removing his social media posts that exposed his Marxist leanings.  Now, however, instead of concealing their involvement, it is on full display for us to see.  I called for anyone in the school system to denounce the ideology and activity of the RedForEd leadership, yet all but 3 refused, and many were quick to tell me how I am uneducated and I don’t understand why democratic socialism is so great.

Arizona, we are at a crossroads.  We either acknowledge that there is a problem in our schools where anti-American seeds are being planted, watered, nurtured, and harvested or we remain silent and watch as the United States transforms into a country we no longer recognize.  We value teachers, but we do not want them indoctrinating our youth with political ideas, liberal, conservative, or otherwise.  That is the responsibility of the parents, alone.

Finally, I support teachers and proper funding for education, and I always have.  I’ve supported billions of dollars in K-12 funding and have voted to increase education funding on a regular basis.  What I don’t support is a movement organized by self-avowed socialists, who took a legitimate issue like teacher pay, and turned it into a recruiting mechanism for socialist organizations and election efforts.  Arizona parents are waking up to what is truly going on behind this movement.  We continue to cherish our teachers, but we will never stand for this.


    To assume that all teachers, and parents involved with RedforEd are “Reds” and to call them “Reds” and liberal is slander and reveals ignorance. After the way Townsend treated teachers and behaved on the floor, I will not be voting for her and I will tell everyone I know about what I saw. Most know and understand that the only way Townsend and others like her can try to win this battle is to yell “Liberal” and “Red” to support their weak cause. Education must be funded and clearly at least 75,000 people supported it this spring and 270,000 do by signing their name to the ballot measure. Let the people vote! It appears Townsend and her cronies afraid of that as well.

  2. This is tiresome and pathetic. Anyone who takes 5 seconds to learn about R4E will learn it’s origins and leadership lie with a core group of moms and teachers from all over the valley and of all political stripes.
    They are tired of AZ being last or nearly last in education in every metric. All these teachers and parents want is a solid public education system in AZ. And teachers want to pay their bills and provide for their classrooms. And they spsn the political spectrum, from liberal to Trump-backing conservatives.
    If there is anything to fear, it’s the fact that Koch-backed organizations look to eradicate American public schools and they’re using AZ as a testing ground to see just how they can accomplish that. If we want to preserve the essential part of American and AZ heritage that is our public school system, we need to fight this. Plain and simple.
    Please dont listen to the tired, old, bullying, fear-mongering tactics provided by Ms. Townsend. As a member of R4E I can tell you, the only conversation I’ve had about socialism in regards to this weren’t with any R4E members, but rather in trying to correct this false and facetious narrative pushed by dishonest, agenda-driven folks like Kelly.

  3. lol those red for ed petition people are receiving $20+ an hour for signatures. That is more than the teachers are getting paid. Paid by the teachers union of course. See where the money is going?

    • see where they plan to get the money from ‘Raise Taxes’! which is what the petition is about – where’s the petition for ‘fire them all’ I’d bet it would have book on those signatures in a short time

      • BTW – while I sound anti-edu, I’m not, I do agree teachers are underpaid, it’s a very tough job, there is no help, the families ignore their part of education and demand it from the teachers, but more money will not solve this, or the timing of this ‘strike’ which was simply inappropriate. If the teachers want to strike do it when they contract is on the table. Their rules.. follow them. I do support teachers, I’m glad I’m not one! I’ve been that route and it’s ‘not so good’ yet my family members had wonderful careers as such, so it is what you make it, as well as knowing what to expect before you start.

  4. As a child, I grew up during the Cold War a mere 500 miles from Havana, Cuba, in northern Florida. I was taught by my immediate and extended family members that “socialism is the next step to Communism.” I don’t believe that; I know that is true. Me and my classmates regularly cowered under our desks in the many “Duck and Cover” drills as well as practiced loading up in cars driven by mothers whose assignment was to drive us out of Ground Zero at a moment’s notice. Of course, we didn’t have a chance of escaping the reality of being flash-fried by an incoming medium range nuclear missile from Cuba, but we didn’t realize that. We loved our country, our government, our parents, our God, and we knew that communism would destroy our way of life. One of the best books to illustrate a teacher indoctrinating young students into accepting first socialism, then communism is A Children’s Story by James Clavell. Ms. Smith, my Navajo teacher here in Tucson, read that story to my class when I was in 7th grade, may the Good Lord bless her! I highly recommend it to every American who is troubled by the rapid spread of this cancerous socialist movement. Ducking, covering, and ignoring the fact that the current school aged generation is being indoctrinated by teachers to be violent socialists will ensure that socialism will prevail.

  5. Guilt by association is a tried and true way to discredit a movement without actually dealing in facts. As a long-time union official I know that working people in struggle against greedy corporations or bureaucratic institutions reach out for all the help they can get. That does not mean they embrace the ideology or program of the “helpers.” My experience is that, when “helpers” try to recruit or indoctrinate, those unionists simply say, No thank you. And generally leftist “helpers” are busy fighting with each other over the fine points of one or another analysis of the class struggle.

    Now about capitalism: there are many forms, from Chinese communist capitalism to Russian dictatorial capitalism to deregulated capitalism to well-regulated capitalism. The Nazis called themselves “national socialists” but I.G. Farben and Bayer, etc., ruled.

    In Western Europe they call it social democracy, well-regulated capitalism that provides profits along with free health care, education and measurable happiness. Sort of like the U.S. after “Robber Baron Capitalism” collapsed into The Great Depression. Well-regulated capitalism, which legalized unions, gave us the great American middle class. Deregulation from Reagan on by both Dimocrats and Republikooks gave us the Not-So-Great Recession, and we are seeing those recent temporary tax cuts for working people eaten up by the looming trade wars and rising prices.

    Those groups which have appointed themselves to lead “the masses” sometimes do infiltrate unions, but they do not have a lot of staying power when it comes to actual work. Sometimes they bring tragedy — see my article:

    But mostly they generate some noise that can actually help working people in their fight for a better life and then they fade away. Better to deal with the Red4Ed movement’s legitimate concerns instead of looking for Reds under the bed.

    • Lannon the FACT is they broke a contract! Nothing more nothing less, don’t like the deal don’t sign the paper, they did, this current action is nothing more than ‘theft’! They should all be fired.

      • The problem is not Redfored and their sincere but proven wrong-headed political philosophy, it is Governor Ducey who used his position to force the legislature to give teachers a pay raise WHILE THEY WERE ENGAGED IN AN ILLEGAL STRIKE and were contractually committed to report for work at their negotiated pay scales. Worse, Ducey continues to campaign on the fact that HE gave the teachers a 19% pay raise when only a school board can decide on teacher pay AND Ducey cannot commit future legislatures to increase education funding in budget years 2019 and 2020. (BYW, the increase in education funding did not come out of HIS pocket, but ours, the taxpayers!) Finally, Governor Ducey and the legislature still have not told us where the money for these increases in education funking will come from. This “teacher pay increase” by Governor Ducey is just one more example of the corruption of his administration.

        • The Duce won’t have to have this solution, his soon to be new yawb will be at Walmart, if they’ll have him.

    • Albert your argument reminds me of the the impassioned inalienable rights scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brain!

  6. And yet the more this idiot opens his mouth the deeper he goes into the rabbit hole. The redfored movement is and always a joke and ILLEGAL from the start. And they you have two leaders who aren’t even dry behind the ears yet and the sheep don’t have a clue and will follow them anywhere. Its all about redistribution of the wealth from those that work hard and have goals to those that want something for nothing. SSDD in the land of socialism and the new democratic party. Don’t forget that the new socialist democrat that was elected in the house from NY is now saying that capitalism is dead and we need to go new directions. Yea, and capitalism made a pretty good life for her didn’t it. These kids don’t have a clue. I don’t think that they even teach history any more. And the Chicago teachers? They are just covering their asses because some of the city schools are just like the other big metro areas, they are simply sewers of do nothing and earn a big salary. Might think that the BLM movement would say something about that on the plantation but that is just how little they value education on the plantation.

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