Wendy’s Wish: Sunday’s Comic

Why is Wendy Rogers telling Bush donors about Arizona super PAC?
By Rebekah L. Sanders

…. an email obtained by The Republic appears to show Rogers asking Bush donors for money as she dangles the possibility of her candidacy.

…My name is Wendy Rogers and, like you, I am a Bush bundler. We may have met in Kennebunkport, at the Reagan Library, or in Miami.

I retired from the Air Force as a Lt Colonel after 20 years of service and was one of the Air Force’s first 100 women pilots. Last year, I ran for Congress here in Arizona, but unfortunately was outgunned by the DCCC who came in with a million dollars for my opponent.

In 2016, there is going to be an open Congressional seat in Arizona’s 1st District. It likely is one of Republicans’ top pickup opportunities for 2016.

I have not decided yet whether I will run for office again, and am not currently a candidate, but I remain committed to supporting conservative leadership. I wanted to let you know about a new Super PAC – Defend Rural Arizona – which has been formed to help promote and defend free market conservatives in Arizona.

…I hope you will consider supporting Defend Rural Arizona by contributing, either via mail using the attached form, or donating online at www.DefendRuralArizona.com

I am not affiliated with the group, and if I were to become a candidate for office, I would have no relationship to the committee. However, capable people head it up (including one who advised me on my 2014 campaign). I know they will do good work on behalf of conservative causes in Arizona…

Harris, who worked with Missouri-based Axiom Strategies when he was Rogers’ spokesman, told The Republic he created Defend Rural Arizona PAC in early December to help in the Senate race or competitive 1st and 2nd district races. PAC Treasurer James C. Thomas III also has close ties to Axiom Strategies, which is a longtime adviser to 2nd District Republican Rep. Martha McSally….

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