Jeffries Racks Up Diverse Support For LD23 Senate Run

During Jeffries’ tenure, the custom-built yet still incomplete AHCCCS medical eligibility system (“HEA Plus”) that DES service center personnel utilize for applicants for government sponsored healthcare was thoroughly assessed and deemed unsustainable due to faulty software code and the absence of any documentation on the coding. In addition, Jeffries informed Governor Ducey on July 13, 2016 that the project was well over budget by $100 million. This figure will soon surpass $200 million. [DES Facebook photo]

Tim Jeffries is racking up endorsements of his Arizona Legislative District 23 Senate campaign. Pegged as a reformer, Jeffries has won diverse endorsements across the political spectrum.

Jeffries won the endorsements of the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) and its president Cathi Herrod, James Strock, author of Disrupt Politics, and the former President of the Arizona Coyotes, Doug Moss.

“Tim will stand up and fight for foundational principles on issues of life, parents’ rights, and religious freedom,” said Herrod in a press release.

“Years of misrule by special-interest sock puppets at the Capitol are depriving Arizona of the extraordinary future that lies within in our grasp. Time and again, Tim Jeffries has exhibited the independence and courage that non-partisan voters are seeking in our political leaders. He has the energy and integrity to make positive change,” stated Strock, a registered Independent.


“I am not a Republican.I am a registered Independent who supports Tim Jeffries for State Senate. We don’t agree on all the issues, but I respect Tim and his genuine love and compassion for people, along with his dedication for public service,” said Moss. “Tim is someone who listens more than he talks and who will work tirelessly for the people he represents. I don’t believe that civility should be a thing of the past, but if that becomes our new reality we’ll never achieve true greatness. Because at the end of the day we’re all in this together. And I’m in this with Tim.”

Jeffries says he “has raised well north of $100,000 and has a substantial financial war chest for the final three weeks of the Republican Primary.”

Jeffries was an accomplished businessman when he took on the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). While there, he and his team came under fire for their efforts to reform the agency and eliminates “deadwood.” Eventually the team was relieved of duty in what many believe was a concentrated effort by government insider to stop an investigation into fraudulent practices.


  1. Tim Jeffries was fired by Governor Ducey for doing the job for the people of Arizona Ducey hired him to do as head of the Department of Economic Security, including safeguarding tax payer funds. After firing Jeffries, Governor Ducey slandered him to cover up the real reason for the firing. Governor Ducey and his political handlers and sycophants disagree with the charge of improper firing and slander, but these charges against Governor Ducey are currently being litigated by a court of law so we shall see who is right. However, no one should disagree that if Jeffries prevails in court, Arizonans should demand Governor Ducey`s resignation and he should resign. Governor Ducey thinks he should one day be President and apparently believes his personal ambition is more important than his doing the right, the honorable thing so prudence in this instance requires that voters familiarize themselves with the facts surrounding the Jeffries firing and vote accordingly in November when Ducey is up for re-election.

    • I agree Luke except, when Director J prevails in court, we won’t need to demand Ducey’s resignation because we will have already voted him out of office! Ditat Deus

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