Biggs Introduces Fund Border Wall Act

Border fence [Photo by Rep. Bob Thorpe]

Saying that he is keeping a campaign promise he and President Donald Trump made, Congressman Andy Biggs introduced the Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act on Wednesday. Biggs’ bill fully funds, completes, and pays for the border wall.

Biggs’ says the bill will also give Border Patrol agents the resources they need to do their jobs.

“Border security was one of the primary issues of the 2016 campaign. Americans believed us when we promised to build the wall, secure our border, and enforce our laws,” stated Biggs.

“Even with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, we have failed to secure the funds for the border wall. In the meantime, our Border Patrol agents suffer demoralizing losses of resources and personnel,” continued Biggs. “Some in Congress view border security as leverage for an amnesty deal, but that would turn a crisis into a catastrophe.”


“We must fund, start, and complete the border wall without further delay,” concluded Biggs, who encouraged his colleagues to support his legislation.

According to Biggs, the Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act accomplishes seven things that he says are “vital” for border security:

Creates a fund to build the wall;

Instructs the Secretary of Homeland Security to take such actions as may be necessary to design, test, construct, and install physical barriers, roads, and technology along the international land border between the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal crossings in all areas;

Penalizes foreign aid to Mexico and other countries by $2,000 for every illegal alien that is apprehended. The held back funds are redirected to the border wall fund;

Charges a fee for all money transfers when receivers are outside the United States. Collected fees go to the border wall fund;

Increases I-94 fees from $6 to $25. The higher fees fund Border Patrol salaries and the border wall fund;

Provides regulatory relief from burdensome actions that could be used to prevent wall construction;

Restores overtime pay for Border Patrol at same rate as all other DHS law enforcement agencies (restoring Fair Labor Standards Act).


  1. The media is up in arms over the fact that President Trump has indicated that he may not sign a budget bill this year if the “wall” and other border security measures are not adequately funded. As a result, the media and their partners in the Democrat Party scream about a government shutdown. (Why do Republicans like Arizona Governor Ducey and Rep McSally sit back and let the Democrats and their media partners get away with this rhetorical nonsense?) The President was elected in large part on promising to secure the border because that is what the people want and failing a showing that the “wall” is a bad idea or they have a better solution, it is incumbent on the Democrats to fund the President`s ideas to secure the border. Because one of the first responsibilities of government is the securing of its borders and assuring the protection of its citizens from illegal immigration, the Democrats in Congress have an affirmative duty to work with the President to provide a secure border. It follows that when the Democrats refuse to fund the wall to secure the border as proposed by President Trump, our Chief Executive, IT IS THEY that are “shutting down the government” with respect to ensuring the territorial integrity of our nation and thereby also protecting the citizens of the United States. If there is no budget law, ALL ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS of the government will continue so the discontinuance of non-essential governmental activities is a small price to pay to force the Congress to do its part to secure our border.

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