Republican Leaders Denounce Wendy Rogers For Dirty CD1 Campaign

Arizona State Senator Steve Smith, surrounded by law enforcement officers who have denounced Wendy Rogers' dirty campaign.

On Thursday, the Arizona Police Association hosted a press conference in which Congressman Andy Biggs, former Congressman Matt Salmon, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and other political and community leaders, denounced her sleazy attack on her CD1 Republican Primary opponent, Arizona State Senator Steve Smith.

Rogers’ ads, which include radio, telephone, and direct mail falsely imply that Smith’s employer (Christian-based advertising/talent agency), is somehow linked to pornography and child exploitation.

Listen to Representative Bob Thorpe discusses Rogers’ dirty campaign tactics on the James T. Harris Show

Senator Smith pointed out that Rogers slyly makes no specific accusations (because there are no accusations), instead she is using innuendo and very loose associations to imply “links” to illicit activities, but that the inferences are completely deceptive, slanderous, and totally false. He unequivocally stated that the company where he has been employed for over ten years (which helps staff local TV and print advertising jobs and fashion shows from babies to seniors) has never in any way, contrary to Roger’s assertion, worked with any outlets dealing with adult or pornographic content.

Senator Smith said that “I am pursuing every possible avenue within the Arizona legal system in order to sue Wendy Rogers and her campaign to hold her personally accountable for her slanderous, libelous, and reckless behavior. The people of Arizona have elected me for 8 consecutive years to serve them in the Legislature and not one time has any Republican or Democrat opponent ever resorted to these attacks because they are so patently false, but leave it to Wendy Rogers and her usual dirty campaign tricks to sink to a new despicable and evil level”.

Justin Harris, President of the Arizona Police Association opened up the press conference, reiterating his organization’s continued support for Senator Smith, and denouncing the Rogers ads as “disgusting,” then going on to say “It’s deplorable and despicable, and Wendy Rogers should step down immediately out of this race, to save the Republican Party any further embarrassment.”

Ken Crane, President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association reconfirmed his organization’s endorsement and support of Senator Smith, saying in part; “We are shocked and astounded by what we view as baseless inferences being leveled by the Wendy Rogers campaign.”

Congressman Andy Biggs said in a statement that “Steve Smith is a man of honor and integrity,” and went on to say that; the Rogers ad is “one of the most despicable ad’s in campaign history.” and added “There are already enough swamp creatures in Congress. Don’t send someone like Wendy, who apparently has already sunk to the depths of the DC swamp. She’ll say anything to get elected.” He concluded with a plea for voters to “send Mr. Smith to Washington.”

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery referred to the Rogers ads as “the worst kind of politics.”

Former Congressman Matt Salmon stated; “The politics of personal destruction should never be tolerated in our state.”

Cathi Herrod added; “I join others today in denouncing this attack ad as being false and without merit.”

Andrea Kadar, a former board member of an organization focused on exposing and preventing child sexual exploitation, and an outspoken advocate against sex trafficking said that the inferences in the Rogers ads were “totally unfounded and patently false.”


  1. Did I miss it, or did Governor Ducey do the right thing for once as leader of the Arizona Republican Party and denounce theses sleazy tactics by Rogers?

  2. I was shocked when I heard Roger’s sleazy attack ads.I wouldn’t dream of voting for someone who smells like a McCain ally.

  3. Tactics, such as Rogers’ allegedly is using, were perfected by our Sainted Senator, John McCain and used in his most recent re election campaign. She’s learned from a master of filthy, dirty tricks.

  4. Sad. She has a good positive message that might even net her a few votes but slides into sleaze. Sad.

  5. You would think that after going “0 for 5” in her campaigns, Rogers would get the message. What a loser.

  6. Wow, few week ago it was the Democrats ( Cano ) now Republicans. Jeje it seems that dishonesty is demanded.

    Don’t cross the party line less you be the the favorite of party.

    I as a independant who does right for the regular folks not just party folks suggest that voters stop being lead by the nose by both parties leadership.

    They only work for the almighty dollar $$$ , not the almighty devine maker.

    Richard Hernandez

  7. Oddly when I heard this ad on the local radio, I immediately somehow thought of the infamous McCain attack machine.
    IMHO: His sleazy attack ads of the past always have a certain style, and this one sounded oddly similar in nature.
    It’s rather “convenient” to have the disclaimer at the end, as if anyone could possibly be so stupid to think that the candidate benefiting from the attack ad isn’t involved at some level.
    Kinda like Lizzy Borden maintaining her innocence while being paid to endorse the new and improved Acme hatchet.

    The Oracle

  8. These ads appeared just a day or so after a push call telephone poll sponsored by Wendy that asked only one question. The question: Press one if you will vote for Wendy Rogers, Press two if you will vote for Steve Smith. The Poll must have indicated to the Wendy Rogers campaign that Wendy was not going to win.

    Plan B. Start an ad campaign that was despicable, full of lies and just plain garbage. Desperate tactics from a desperate candidate that has already failed to win 5 other elections. Wendy Rogers is totally consumed with going to Wash. as a representative from AZ. As Congressman Biggs has stated, “do not send someone of Wendy’s ilk to represent AZ in DC.”

    Wonder-a-ful Wendy is only in her own mind worthy of such a position. A pure opportunistic person only interested in her own self worth.

    Steve Smith is really the first person that has a real chance of winning in this gerrymandered District.

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