Townsend Grabs Attention, Praise With “Not Endorsed By Socialists” Signs

An Arizona State legislator Rep. Kelly Townsend has come up with a campaign slogan in response to her haters. The slogan won her both the attention of pundits, and the admiration of voters. Plastered across her vandalized campaign signs is now the message “Not endorsed by socialists.”

Townsend, who was the lone “no” vote against Governor Doug Ducey’s risky teacher pay increase bill, has become a target of unions. As a result, her campaign signs are routinely vandalized. Vandals, in violation of state laws, have done everything from carving up the small American flags that don her signs, to spraying painting over her name with the word “no” and a big X over her name.

Townsend’s travails caught the attention of the Twittershpere and popular conservative talk show host, James T. Harris. “Earlier this week, I asked whether or not ‘endorsed by socialists’ is a winning campaign slogan,” said Harris during his drive-time show on KFYI. “By the looks of the election results,” said Harris referring to the negative election results experienced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed candidates.

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Ocasio-Cortez, an avowed socialist, endorsed several candidates in the primary elections, but three out of five of those competing in the Tuesday races lost, according to the Daily Caller.

On July 4, vandals desecrated the American flags as part of their attack on Townsend’s signs. Shortly before the attack, a member of the progressive #Redfored movement posted on Facebook her desire to break the law. The #Redfored activist posted, “There are SO MANY Kelly Townsend signs near my home… I know it’s illegal to remove or deface them, but I’m so tempted to put little “truth” signs right next to hers! (I know that’s probably illegal too, but people need to know how awful she is!)”

#Redfored enjoyed early popularity with teachers across the state, who believed the movement was about increasing teacher pay. As it has become more and more apparent that the movement has little to do with the classroom and everything to do with electing progressives to office, its popularity has dwindled in the traditionally red-state of Arizona.

At the time Governor Ducey was cramming his education funding scheme through the Legislature, Townsend and her fellow lawmaker, Rep. Maria Syms, were calling out leaders of the #Redfored. Syms came under intense heat from forces on the left and right of the political aisle when she was the first to call the movement’s leaders, “socialists.”

After the most vocal leader, Noah Karvelis, made an appearance at a socialists conference, the heat subsided a bit, but the hate from the left did not. That hate though has seemed to earn the two women fans in their respective Republican primaries.

As Harris noted, Townsend’s declaration that she is “not endorsed by socialists” just might be her winning ticket out of her four-way primary. If she emerges victorious, it would not be surprising to see more declarations like hers pop up on campaign signs across the state.


  1. So….not endorsed by anyone receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits? Or anyone receiving disability benefits? Or anyone with a business or farm that gets special tax breaks or subsidies? Gee — there are a lot of folks out there accepting “socialist” benefits, aren’t there?

    • Socialism, like its close cousin Fascism, is about Government control of the economy. While I do not approve of Social Security or Medicare I realize that decades of Government propaganda has conditioned people into being trapped by them. Government benefits to businesses I will disapprove of on other grounds such as the Government, at any level, should not be picking economic winners and losers as Government intervention in the economy always benefits the 1%.

    • Social Security is not a socialist program or at least it did not start out that way. I have PAID into SS for close to 40 years explain to me how it is socialist to receive a return on your investment.

      • I agree except for one thing. You didn’t “pay” into the system. Your wages were CONFISCATED, and matched your employer.

        We were never given a CHOICE to opt-out.

        The federal government squandered those funds over the years.

    • Al, you should be old enough to know that when Democrat FDR and his Democrat pals in Congress passed the Social Security Act to provide the aged with retirement income, you needed to be 65 to receive the benefits. However, FDR and the Democrat Congress also knew that the vast majority of workers were not expected to live beyond 65 and therefore also knew that few would actually live to receive the old age benefits they were being taxed to fund. That`s right, WORKERS EARNINGS were taxed through-out their working years to fund a Social Security “benefit” that those who passed the law knew most workers would never receive! BOTH Social Security and Medicare were initially designed to be paid for by recipients through taxes on their earnings, payroll taxes which are still collected today btw, not paid for by taxes on society at large which is the socialist model for such benefits.

    • not really since many have PAID IN TO the things you so gleefully point out. Yes there are many slugs who get these things but then look at who FUNDED them. The working people. These became gifts because POLITICIANS wanted to be ELECTED by the non-participants and what better way than to promise them things they had not worked for or contributed to (remember bho and his free phones, the lady celebrating because she thought she would not have to pay her bills after he was elected?). Business or farmers need to get some help, BUT they are WORKING t get them,kinda unusual in a socialist/communist state is it not?

    • Only a “socialist” can confuse a return on an investment as a “benifit” or “entitlement”.
      A tragically flawed synopsis at best.

      The Oracle

    • Seeing as I WORKED and PAID for those programs they are hardly ‘socialist’ programs…… flunk civics/life 101/rational capability.

  2. I’m for getting government out of our health, businesses & farms, Albert. Let’s get back to our Constitution and let states and localities take care of those who CAN’T take care of themselves….NOT those who CHOOSE NOT to take care of themselves. I’m tired of freeloaders and aliens costing me part of my retirement. STOP ENABLING anyone. Shrink the size of FED government, next state and let those closest to the problem fix it. Radical ‘eh?

  3. I think we talk too much in slogans rather than comparing ideas or facts. For instance, “government control:” We pay into Social Security and Medicare and we receive benefits regulated by the government. Some of us get back far more than we put in, and others less. The Western European “social democracies” use taxes to fund universal health care, free education, and other social benefits — they have, not socialism in its full manifestation, but well-regulated capitalism, with companies making profits. Kind of like our New Deal era after unregulated capitalism gave us the Great Depression. Unregulated capitalism, deregulated capitalism, pursues profit at the expense of workers, communities and the environment. Capitalism is what we have — let’s get it working for all of us again. Supporting the Outlaw Dark Money initiative might be a start so we get some idea of just who is buying our politicians.

  4. Cuba has government controlled everything. They can all read but they are limited as to what they can read. Medical is free only there is NO good medical. At the university you are told what to study. BIG GOVERNMENT. They are full blown on Communist. I just visited there Everything is crumbling and looks like 1920″s. Where do you get your info.

  5. Finally an Arizona Republican state office holder with the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing! Thank you Representative Townsend, it is too bad you did not run for Governor so Republicans could have a real leader as the head of the Party in Arizona. Governor Ducey rammed a 9% increase in education funding through the legislature this year solely to appease teachers engaged in an illegal strike and to garner votes in his re-election campaign. Instead of requiring the teachers to continue work (at salary levels the teachers VOLUNTARILY agreed to during their contract negotiations with the various school districts) while their funding demands were being considered by the legislature, the responsible course of action, Governor Ducey rewarded them for breaching their employment contracts by giving them a pay raise and thereby also helped Redfored gain political credibility in Arizona. Who ever heard of Redfored before Governor Ducey`s “teacher pay increase” fiasco?” As a further consequence of Ducey`s irresponsible education funding increase, Redfored is now attempting to use their political influence, influence Ducey helped create by caving to teacher demands Redfored instigated and lead, to wreck our economy with their proposition for a new socialist tax scheme for our state. If you vote in the Republican primary, keep in mind that Governor Ducey has still not disclosed where the funds for his “teacher pay increase” is coming from AND that the Governor does not have the authority to grant teacher pay increases, only school districts can do that as evidenced by the fact that not all of the new funds are being spent for TEACHER PAY INCREASES as promised by Governor Ducey, AND most definitely, vote for Kelly Townsend if you are privileged to live in her District! Arizonans need many more people like Kelly Townsend in the our legislature!

  6. Red for Ed is a joke. Have a niece who is a teacher and she just realized their promises are typical of a politicans and political organizations. Promise much give little to nothing. She no longer supports the movement and many I have spoken with said it is a JOKE. Just look at tusd, money is already being siphoned off for administration and other bs. Schools are being partially closed due to lack of maintenance on AC’s or leaky roofs. that is what some of the $$ was to be for.

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