Drew John Failure To Pay Taxes Raise Questions

Questions about Arizona State Representative Drew John and his fitness to hold office are being raised in light of the recent discovery that he has piles of unpaid taxes. John is several years delinquent in paying nearly $55,000 in taxes to the federal government.

John, a lifelong Democrat, who switched to the Republican Party one day before filing to run for State House as a Republican in 2016, has been surrounded by controversy for years.

John has failed to disclose his federal tax debt on his county and state financial disclosure forms as required by law, according to numerous sources. Failure to disclose the debt is a Class 6 felony.

His opponent, former Arizona Speaker of the House and life-long Republican David Gowan joined others who questioned John’s tax debt. “To find out that the same man who eagerly raises everyone else’s taxes on purchases, gas, and vehicles, doesn’t pay his own taxes, is deeply disturbing.

We all face challenges in life and I certainly appreciate that,” stated Gowan. “But for a tax-hiking lawmaker to not pay his/her taxes and to conceal that violation of the law from the voters for years is simply wrong.”


While John now runs as a Republican, he has supported increased spending and has voted for multiple tax increases. John signed a “No New Tax” pledge two years ago, but it has not stopped him from supporting new taxes as well as unnecessary regulation.

Gowan called on John to “immediately amend his financial disclosure forms, tell the
voters the full extent of his failure to pay his share, and inform the public how he
intends to get right with the law and the taxpayers of his district.”


  1. Apparently this is the new Democrat strategy:

    Switch party affiliation to Republican and
    run. Also note that left wing progressive
    Rodney Glassman has now shown up on the
    ballot as a Republican.

    Then again maybe some traumatic event has
    occurred, and previously unused gray matter
    is now being utilized.

    Based on the shift left in the Democratic
    Party, it’s not a stretch for a moderate
    Dem to change parties. For a radical
    lefty to switch it is either the “finger
    in the wind” strategy [A.K.A. Bill Clinton],
    or there has been some seminal event in their

    In the meantime, until evidence proves
    otherwise; voters should be highly
    suspicious of this individual’s Modus

    • This is why we call Governor Ducey a Democrat in Republican clothes. BTW, GOVERNOR DUCEY endorsed John who is running against one of the most conservative politicians in Arizona, David Gowan. Time to give both “Democrat” Governor Ducey and his new Best Republican Bud, Drew John their walking papers!

  2. A lifelong Democrat, switching to the Republican Party, surrounded by controversy, who has failed to disclose his federal tax debt obligations, thereby committing a Class 6 felony, where the sex scandal?
    Yea, he’s clearly qualified for public office.
    Just another homeless “Do as I say not as I do” morally bankrupt Swamp Rat looking for a home in the Arizona state government.

    The Oracle

  3. Democrats, no matter if they are white and switched back to Republican, like Drew John, or if they are Black like Al Sharpton, they do not believe the laws apply to them. Drew John suffers from Clinton privilege syndrome. That is when an Elected feels they are above the law and that the Media will not call them out.

  4. “…in light of the recent discovery that he has piles of unpaid taxes. John is several years delinquent in paying nearly $55,000.”

    If I owed the USG 55k, I’d wager my butt would be sitting in a cell somewhere. This guy? He gets to play politician… for several years afterwards. Yeah, hang his sorry butt but squeeze out the 55k and interest and penalties FIRST.

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