Garcia Under Fire, Surrounded By Controversy, Enemies

From left to right: Kelly Fryer, David, and Arizona State Senator Steve Farley.

Republicans and Democrats are taking their best shots gubernatorial candidate David Garcia these days. Garcia is a prime target as the frontrunner in the Democratic Primary race.
Garcia came under fire this week when his digital director, Xenia Orona, was forced to step down after PJ Media exposed her “anti-Arizona, anti-America, and anti-police tweets.”

On Friday, law enforcement personnel denounced Orona’s and Garcia’s complicity in “anti-police rhetoric,” at a press conference in Phoenix.

Among her older tweets was in which she wrote, “An open letter to Arizona: F— you.” In another, Orona tweeted, “ICE is abusive and needs to be abolished. But also, watch me speak exclusively Spanish in public at every given opportunity #ftp” (fuck the police).

On the popular progressive website, Blog for Arizona, Garcia’s book, which is expected to be released in late September, as a “how-to playbook for the anti-public-school, pro-school-voucher agenda pushed by Gov. Doug Ducey and the Koch brothers.”

Republicans say Garcia “continues to demonstrate just how out-of-touch he is with Arizona voters.”

The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) attacked Garcia after he called “on fellow progressives to imagine open borders in Arizona.” The RGA then noted that “Garcia was caught on tape proclaiming, “I want to just take a second and imagine, let’s just imagine … just imagine no wall. No wall in southern Arizona.”

He then got caught “wining and dining with avowed New York Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New Orleans. This isn’t the first time he has embraced Ocasio-Cortez – less than a month ago, Garcia boasted that his campaign was built “just like” her socialist campaign,” according to the RGA.

Garcia is facing challenger Arizona State Senator Steve Farley, and Kelly Fryer.


  1. Time for Garcia to step out of the race. If he can’t manage his own staff how the hell can he be expected to run the state?

    • Yeah, just like if Trump couldn’t manage his campaign manager Manafort how the hell can he be expected to run the country? As far as Garcia’s book, beware of fake news. Works both ways.

  2. Hopefully soon Ken Bennett will be the next Govonor and Garcia and his racist band of misfits will be but a nightmarish memory.

    The Oracle

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