Previously Deported Child Sexual Predator Felon Arrested

A male Mexican national, Carlos Ramirez-Ramirez, age 33, of south of Gila Bend, was arrested on Saturday morning by Ajo Station Border Patrol agents after he re-entered the U.S. illegally near Lukeville.

During a fingerprint and criminal records check, agents discovered Ramirez was convicted in 2011 for attempted sexual assault on a child under 15 years old in Denver, Colorado, and sentenced to eight years of intensive supervision program.

Ramirez’s criminal history in Colorado includes harassment, driving under restraint, and leaving the scene of an accident. He now faces criminal prosecution for re-entry as a felon.

Ramirez-Ramirez was arrested and transported him to the Ajo Station for processing.


  1. I’m only guessing here but if Carlos Ramirez-Ramirez, age 33, of south of Gila Bend (what a precise location) was sentenced to eight years of intensive supervised program way back in 2011 and its only 2018, perhaps he should have finished his sentence?
    But no we only pretend to have a legal system when it comes to criminal aliens.
    How utterly RACIST it is to incarcerate white males to stiff sentences for the same offense, perhaps we should just deport our criminals deep into Mexico for equal status.

    The Oracle

  2. If this scumbag`s criminal history in Colorado included harassment, driving under restraint and leaving the scene of an accident when he was sentenced for attempted sexual assault of a child under 15 (why doesn`t Colorado tell us the child`s actual age?) how does he get off with 8 years of probation? Perhaps the sentencing judge was just back from a marijuana break when sentence was passed?

  3. Physical castration before deportation eliminates one worry if a sexual predator tries to sneak back across our border.

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