Operation Queen Terrain Targeted Auto Theft Ring

Brittany Knauff, Courtney Jenkins, Gabriel Burgueno, Marco Salazar, Matthew Voorhees, Paul Clement, Sergio Guerra

After a one month investigation by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office into an auto theft ring, seven suspects are in custody. The investigation, dubbed Operation Queen Terrain started after patrol deputies received a tip about a possible auto theft operation.

Marco Salazar, Sergio Guerra, Brittany Knauff, Courtney Jenkins, Paul Clement, Matthew Voorhees, and Gabriel Burgueno have all been indicted and charged in connection to the operation.

The suspects are believed to be linked to at least 40 different auto thefts. The suspects would case different neighborhoods, looking for anyone with an off-road vehicle or motorcycle. They would then come back and steal the vehicle.

Deputies have recovered eight vehicles in connection to this case. In one instance, deputies found the stolen vehicle before the citizen realized it was gone. The approximate value of the property deputies were able to return to their rightful owners, through this investigation was in excess of $95,000.

An estimated 40 ATVs, motorcycles or quads were stolen from the citizens in the San Tan Valley and Queen Creek area. It is believed that the group also operated in the valley.

This is an ongoing investigation and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office expects more people to be arrested.

The suspects are facing in excess of 40 Felony Charges to include, Unlawful Flight from Law Enforcement, Theft of Means of Transportation, Trafficking Stolen Property, and Possession of Stolen Property.

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