Condemnation Of Rogers Continues, “Deeply Disturbed” By Ads

Wendy Rogers

In an unprecedented move, the SaddleBrooke Republican Club, one of largest GOP groups in Congressional District 1, has denounced candidate Wendy Rogers for her ads attacking fellow candidate, State Senator Steve Smith.

The Club joins the Arizona Police Association, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Congressman Andy Biggs, former Congressman Matt Salmon, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, and Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe.

“The Board of Directors of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club strongly condemn the recent salacious ads being run by the Wendy Rogers campaign,” Club chair Patricia Tarner advised in the Club’s announcement. “It is Board policy to never support one candidate over another but the Board Members cannot stand by silently under these circumstances while Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican,” is being violated.”

Tarner endorsed a message by the popular editor of MCRC Briefs, Frosty Taylor: “We are deeply disturbed by the recent salacious and innuendo-filled campaign ads being run by Wendy Rogers. We stand wholeheartedly with conservative Republican leaders and law enforcement who have categorically denounced in the strongest terms such appalling ads. This is what we expect from Democrats and has no place in the Republican Party of Lincoln.”

Rogers has been running for office unsuccessfully for nearly ten years.


  1. Could care less about any ad. We vote for the person we think will do the best job not a political party

  2. Well remember when Steve Smith stated” I am so excited to be Sheriff Babeu’s Campaign manager and we have shared interests.” Remember when he endorsed Ted Cruz and joined his Presidential Leadership Team, never ENDORSED TRUMP, volunteered or supported him. Remember when he started the BorderFence money collection in 2011, and in 2017, when PRESIDENT TRUMP started wanting to build the BORDER WALL, Did Smith give him the money?, NO he donated it $55,000 to a local Sheriff Office. SHAMEFUL!!!

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