Pink Umbrellas Shield Planned Parenthood Patient

On July 29, 2018 a person is wheeled out on a gurney from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Glendale, Arizona, to an awaiting ambulance. [Photo from Operation Rescue]

While Planned Parenthood escorts waved bright pink umbrellas, someone who appeared to be a patient covered in a white sheet on a gurney was wheeled out of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Glendale, Arizona, and loaded into an ambulance, according to Operation Rescue.

The incident took place on July 29, 2018.

Earlier this year the Glendale Planned Parenthood facility added surgical abortions to their list of “services” that also includes chemical abortions.

“We expect to see more ambulances at this facility now that surgical abortions have been added,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “That’s not to say that Planned Parenthood’s chemical abortion patients never suffered complications. It’s just that women experience those at home and not at the abortion facility where they can be more easily documented.”

According to Operation Rescue, for every abortion-related medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue, there are many, many more that go unnoticed and unreported to anyone. The number of women injured by abortion in the U.S. each year remains completely unknown.

On July 29, 2018 Planned Parenthood workers use pink umbrellas in a vain attempt to hide a medical emergency at the Glendale, Arizona, Planned Parenthood abortion facility. [Photo from Operation Rescue]


  1. American’s hard earned tax dollars at work subsidising the murder of the unborn.
    Call what you want, but it’s infanticide, the deliberate intentional and willful destruction of human life masquerading by a kindler more gentler name. As if laungage alone can somehow sanitize what is happening.
    The staff should have used blood red umbrellas to shield the truth, it’d be more fitting.
    If a women wants an abortion it’s her business, but when my tax dollars go to pay for it, I suddenly should have a say in the matter.
    I often feel as a man I’m somehow not allowed to have a opinion on the issue, but as a man I’m somehow demanded and expected to pay for it.
    Only in America, makes perfect sense.

    The Oracle

    • Don’t let anyone fool you, Oracle. As a man you DO have a say (as do all men) and that opinion is important and needs to be heard. Those babies that they murder have two parents – a woman AND a man! This isn’t just a “women’s” issue. This is a human issue.

      • I agree that both parents should have some say in the matter. But the courts
        seem to always side with the mother who wants an abortion. even when the father is willing to assume full responsibility. The only right the dad has is to pay up if the mother wants to keep the child.

  2. People who oppose abortion should not have one, but they should also not impose their beliefs on others. It’s a hard enough choice some women have to make without being demonized and threatened. And Oracle, how many of those unwanted kids are you adopting or fostering these days?

    • So, Albert, how about murder? What right do we have to make murder against the law? I mean, if you oppose murder, you don’t have to commit one, right? But what about the people who believe that murder in some circumstances is allowable? Same goes for child abuse, rape, and theft. Making those against the law is imposing the beliefs of some people upon others.
      We do that all the time, you see. Killing or harming other people is, and should be, against the law – except in the case of the most defenseless and vulnerable. And there is a very easy way to prevent the conception of children who are not wanted: ABSTINENCE. if that’s too big a word for you, it means refraining from having sex, which is what you ought to do if you do not want a child to be conceived.

      • I respectfully disagree, Mary. In our Constitutional co-equal separation of powers Roe V. Wade is the law, and women choosing to have an abortion should be able to do so without being harassed and threatened. One’s religious beliefs do not, and should not, apply to everyone else.

        As far as abstinence (see, I can spell it!) my experience as a young male and from what I observed of every other young male I knew is that energy is better put into sex education so that those young folks understand the consequences and the options and can make informed choices.

        That all said, I do oppose spending our tax dollars to murder children, as is going on each day with the bombing of school busses, hospitals, homes, etc. in those countries where the US is making war or supplying weapons. I consider myself more “pro-life” than many who wrap that title around themselves. There is no debate when the bombs fall about when a mass of cells becomes a viable life — these are real children who laugh and love and play and, sadly, die.

      • Mary, you do your namesake justice! God bless you and may our Blessed Mother watch over you always!

      • Mary, please don’t use facts against a liberal socialist, it’s unfair and places then at a distinct disadvantage.
        More passion and lies facts, It’s only fair.

        The Oracle

    • Gee Albert, I’m fostering and adopting the same number of kids I’m making, ZERO.
      at times your agenda driven comments are just beyond stupid.
      While infanticide goes against my principles my objection was over paying for it with my tax dollars, not over access or rights.
      As an over educated socialist libtard idiot Albert, I can’t help but love your constant attack on the 2nd amendment since it doesn’t suit your narrative, yet you enshrine the right to murder the unborn as a constitutional right. Funny how one is a protected right clearly listed within the constitution, clearly protected by SCOTUS yet always under attack by you, yet no where is infanticide ever mentioned within the constitution and yet it’s somehow sacred and protected, because the court has ruled on it.
      Your default comments of “don’t get one”(abortion) Vs. “don’t buy one” (firearms) exposes your lies and your double standards of hypocrisy which is on full display since it’s only protected if you agree with it.

      The Oracle

      • “…over educated socialist libtard idiot…” Ouch! But, name-calling aside, you are correct, your objection was not based on your principles, but on how your tax dollars are spent. So… money trumps principles? Maybe you will join me in opposing the spending of our tax dollars on wars and weapons that are killing kids in a half-dozen countries at this moment?

    • Albert – how many abortions are performed against the will of the father? No rights? No opinion? No responsibility? just an ATM if she carries to term? No other role to play in the decision? No right to say “NO” Don’t abort? Perhaps something the woman should have to think about beforehand ?

  3. Non-invasive birth control is readily available; why isn’t it the first choice of women who are sexually active? This situation has confounded me since Roe/Wade became law and Americans were assured that abortion would only be used in extraordinary circumstances.
    That is NOT the case, and never was.

  4. “Shielding” the woman by waving pink umbrellas as she’s wheeled out to the ambulance?

    Am I the only one who finds this more than just a little bizarre?

  5. Lot of thoughtful comments along with the usual rants, so I did some research: 73% of men and 63% of women are sexually active before age 18. 22% of girls age 15-18 get pregnant. 80% of teen dads do not marry the girl they made pregnant. Pregnancy is the leading cause of girls dropping out of school. Nearly half of all US pregnancies are single women who were never married — 2/3 of them white.

    So: Educating teenagers before they do the deed (which statistics say they are gonna do) seems like a priority, and, BillyB, it looks like those guys you think should have a say take a hike when faced with the consequences of their hormonal drives.

    And FYI: for those who believe that all pregnancies must be carried to term, you can get an Arizona tax credit by donating to several foster care organizations.

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