Big Money Steps Up To Push McSally’s Big Lies

In foreground: Rep. Raul Grijalva (D), Rep. Martha McSally (R) Background: Tucson City Councilman Richard Fimbres (D)

After it became evident that their chosen candidate, Rep. Martha McSally, is not the favorite of Republicans in the U.S. Senate Primary race, the establishment stepped up in late July to cover the costs of McSally’s latest misleading ad campaign.

In those ads, funded by the DefendArizona PAC, McSally attempts to portray herself the pro-Trump, secure borders candidate while portraying conservative candidate, Dr. Kelli Ward, as pro-amnesty, soft-on-ISIS democrat.

From used car salesman, Jim Click, to the private prison corporation, Services Group Of America, the deepest pockets in the state are funding the McSally campaign.

Watching the Never Trump Establishment trying to stop Trump’s agenda is similar to watching an old Keystone Cops’ movie as they fall over themselves and now they are falling over themselves to stop Kelli Ward, according to one politico.

In fact, the Defend Arizona commercials lose credibility when fact checked. Anyone who has heard Ward on the issues, knows she speaks of “restraint and realism” for overall foreign policy, not combating terrorism as the ads would have you believe.

When Kelli Ward tweeted this on Tuesday, the Arizona mainstream media was quick to attack.

Ward said Tuesday that U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake’s lack of “leadership” and “courage” was partly to blame for the death of an Iowa girl whom authorities say was killed by an undocumented immigrant.

Contributor nameRecipientElectionStateReceipt dateAmount
Lewis, ThomasDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ07/31/2018$50,000.00
Highway 76 LLCDefendArizonaPrimaryDE06/30/2018$100,000.00
Davis, JamesDefendArizonaPrimaryMA06/29/2018$50,000.00
Diamond, Donald RDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/21/2018$25,000.00
Sicari, JoeDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/12/2018$5,000.00
Kasser, I MichaelDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/11/2018$25,000.00
Wilson, DavidDefendArizonaPrimaryCA06/06/2018$24,000.00
Hitchcock, Frederick EDefendArizonaPrimaryNV06/05/2018$50,000.00
Sarver, Robert GDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/04/2018$25,000.00
Lopez, Humberto SDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/01/2018$25,000.00
Dubroff, CharlesDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ06/01/2018$10,000.00
McClelland, W. KentDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ05/30/2018$10,000.00
Blue Magnolia Investments LLCDefendArizonaPrimaryDE05/30/2018$100,000.00
Stephens, Warren ADefendArizonaPrimaryAR05/21/2018$100,000.00
Symington, Fife IIIDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ05/14/2018$1,000.00
Services Group Of AmericaDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ05/14/2018$75,000.00
Holland, Homer JDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ05/14/2018$25,000.00
Silverman, JeffreyDefendArizonaPrimaryFL05/03/2018$50,000.00
Oberndorf, William EDefendArizonaPrimaryCA05/03/2018$150,000.00
Luebke, RichardDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/30/2018$25,000.00
Vocational Training Institute, INC.DefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/24/2018$25,000.00
Rutherford, MichaelDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/16/2018$5,000.00
Whiteman, JeffDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/13/2018$75,000.00
Whiteman, JeffDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/13/2018$25,000.00
Click, JimDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ04/03/2018$100,000.00
Baker, PaulDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ03/29/2018$50,000.00
Kendrick, RandyDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ03/28/2018$100,000.00
Barrett, CraigDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ03/28/2018$20,000.00
Baker, PaulDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ02/13/2018$25,000.00
Baker, PaulDefendArizonaPrimaryAZ02/05/2018$25,000.00

What seems to have been missed by Ms. Yvonne Wingett Sanchez at Arizona Republic is that a majority of Arizonans believe our elected officials should be held accountable and do hold them partially responsible for these senseless deaths of our children.

We do need true leadership in the Senate to #BuildTheWall and secure our borders.

Like President Trump, Ward has campaigned largely on her views of stringent enforcement of our laws in her bid for the Republican nomination.


  1. It is more interesting seeing the out of state contributions to this swamp rat!
    It appears to be more of the same coming our way.

  2. Wow … thanks for publishing this! I already voted and lets say I voted based on principle! I can read right through Ducey and McSally! (Now I have to get my husband to read this!)

  3. With Click, Diamond, Lopez, and Kasser the $$$ behind this deceptive BS, it’s no surprise Pima county politics is the cesspool it is…. masquerading as conservatives only concern is lining their pockets….

    • end of time days and it’s going to get worse, not just nation against nation, but people groups against people groups.. within the nation, are we not seeing that now in America.

  4. McSally is going to win. We must push her to do the right thing. We must have a wall and a real immigration policy that Congress has the will to enforce. How the hell did our country get to this point?

    • We will know if you are right about McSally winning in about 5 days but even if she does win the primary, why would anyone expect enough Republicans to vote for her in November to get her elected? How will she be any better for Arizona than she has been in the past, when she has said, “walls don`t work” and securing the border “is not who we are,” things she now says she no longer believes? The fact is, McSally is running for the Senate because thanks to Governor Ducey`s policies which have changed Arizona into a purple or blue state, she knows she cannot be re-elected in CD 2. Unfortunately for her, the reason she cannot be re-elected to the House is the same reason she cannot win in November as a Senate candidate, she has told too many lies to Republican voters, just like Governor Ducey and Senators Flake and McCain have done. And let`s be clear, if McSally has broken the trust with enough Republican voters as I believe she has, her loss in November will be on her, not the voters who can no longer trust her.

  5. So disgusted to see that Click, Diamond & Lopez are also funding the campaigns in the Oro Valley Mayor & Town Council races. And Hiremath, Waters, Snider & Hornat claim they aren’t influenced by the donations. Right. Vote ’em out.

    • No offense, but if you ever thought that those guys in Oro Valley WEREN’T backed by that bunch, you were sadly fooling yourself.

  6. One must ask themselves just what are these swamp creatures on the donor list of Defend Arizona really defending Arizona from?
    Moral values?
    Support of the president?
    Politics as usual?
    Hiring Martha to be the to be the gate keeper at the door of the players club?
    Given the list of rich donors and thier self serving intentions to further my long term economic slavery I’d personally rather see Arizona undefended.

    The Oracle

  7. The contributors read like the who’s who of the swamp. What do you expect from these idiots, the truth. McSally has demonstrated year after year she is out of touch with the state and its views and the beholden child of the swamp creatures especially little Johnnie McCain. We don’t need another fake representative. Lies, lies and damn lies, right Martha. You have told so many you forgot the truth that you are simply another chosen RINO. Bye Martha. We won’t miss you and your lies and swamp ties.

  8. Used car salesman, Really?
    You could hit him up for flying his private aircraft to check up on his dealerships in CA, but “used car salesman”?
    That’s like saying C. Kramer is a respected “journalist”, well known to the local community!

  9. Sadly I filled out my mail in ballot the day after it arrived.
    I did not vote for Dumbass Douchey, poor Martha suffered the same lack of faith.
    Perhaps had the McCain style hit piece attack ads started weeks earlier it might have softened my resolve to rid the desert of our carpet bagging RINO population.
    Only thing still unknown is the Republican establishment gonna throw in with Ward or will they further offend those they claim to represent by openly supporting the foe of democracy.

    The Oracle

  10. Why does the Arizona political establishment think they can get McSally elected when we all know she really believes in the policies of Senators Flake and McCain, both of whom have been thoroughly rejected by not only conservative, but all other Republican voters? Since Ducey`s election as Governor, and thanks to the open borders and amnesty policies he shares with McSally, Flake and McCain, Arizona has changed from a deep red to a purpshe state and everyone knows this. A Republican cannot be elected statewide without conservative support and that means that try as they might, Ducey, McSally and the rest cannot buy this election either. As ever, Republican voters will elect Republicans to office, and though the donors can buy candidates, they will not be allowed to buy this election.

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