U.S. Senate Primary Election Early Results, McSally Has Early Lead

Congresswoman Martha McSally has taken an early lead in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary.

U.S. Senator (REP)

Arpaio, Joe45,74319.81%
McSally, Martha118,42951.28%
Ward, Kelli66,75528.91%

U.S. Senator (DEM)

Abboud, Deedra34,60117.5%
Sinema, Kyrsten162,71782.5%


  1. It is likely that the 30% who voted for Ward in the Senate race and the 30% who voted for Bennett in the Governors race are the same, both losers are outsiders running against the McCain, Flake and Ducey machine. The chance that this will result in losses for the GOP in the Senate and Governors races in November should not be taken lightly. It will be up to Ducey and McSally to earn the votes of those who voted against them in the primary and if they cannot it is their problem, not the voters who have no obligation to vote for these flawed candidates.

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