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This pic is all you really need to know about Andres Cano’s character and judgment…..

LD3 Democrats Cry Foul Over Rigged Candidate Forum For Cano

Pima County Democrats are crying foul after it became apparent that an establishment candidate, Andres Cano, had advance notice of the questions. Cano had provided an answer to one question that was clearly prepared for in advance to a later question.


While Cano tried to laugh off his error, supporters of his opponents find it to be no laughing manner.

Alex Perez brought attention to the unfair forum on Facebook:

RIGGED LD-3 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FORUM: On June 25th LD-3 Democrats held their candidate forum at the University of Arizona Student Union. About 100 people showed up for it. All 5 Democrat candidates for LD-3 were there. At the start of the forum it was stated that the LD-3 Democrats Executive Committee had developed the questions. The questions had been kept secret and only supplied to one candidate, Andres Cano, LD-3 candidate for State Representative….

To read more — LD3 Democrats Cry Foul Over Rigged Candidate Forum For Cano — click here


  1. The level of cheating knows no depth when even fellow democrats cry fowl.

    The Oracle

  2. Lea Marquez-peterson had her answers written out for her on a clipboard at the first forum the Republican party had. It’s no wonder she doesn’t show up to debate or make public appearances. Brandon Martin is the choice for Constitutional Conservatives who actually have principles and core values Get out there and work for him, make calls, or send $$$ and give us another member of the Freedom Caucus. We dang sure don’t need another RINO like

    • Are you WOKE? Do YOU feel it? This time Voters in both Parties are speaking out and getting to work to get rid of the establishment phonies in both parties who are only interested in their personal ambitions and think our tax dollars are there to bankroll their next campaign, not provide government services to the people. Elias demands some $52 million to fund a phantom program for “non-profits” called the “Diversity Commission,” or some such, in return for his support for funding County road repairs and Governor Ducey forces HIS legislature to approve an increase in education funding even though Ducey cannot tells us where the funds are coming from. Clearly a major motivation in both instances is to garner votes, from non-profit employees by Elias and from teachers by Ducey. It is time we really throw the bums out!

  3. I enjoy the truth, it gives you with knowledge of what i have said time and again. They are all criminals.

    The machine only allows the right Democrats who are loyal to machine not to the people they pretend to represent.

    Richard Hernandez

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