LD3 Democrats Cry Foul Over Rigged Candidate Forum For Cano

Pima County Democrats are crying foul after it became apparent that an establishment candidate, Andres Cano, had advance notice of the questions. Cano had provided an answer to one question that was clearly prepared for in advance to a later question.

While Cano tried to laugh off his error, supporters of his opponents find it to be no laughing manner.

Alex Perez brought attention to the unfair forum on Facebook:

RIGGED LD-3 DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FORUM: On June 25th LD-3 Democrats held their candidate forum at the University of Arizona Student Union. About 100 people showed up for it. All 5 Democrat candidates for LD-3 were there. At the start of the forum it was stated that the LD-3 Democrats Executive Committee had developed the questions. The questions had been kept secret and only supplied to one candidate, Andres Cano, LD-3 candidate for State Representative. When question 3 was asked, a question about natural resources, Andres Cano started talking about immigration and incarceration. When the next question, question 4 was asked, it had to do with immigration and incarceration strangely the question Cano had already answered. Cano had memorized the questions and had messed up the order. When question number 4 came around Cano started off by saying “Mia Culpa, Mia Culpa, Mia Culpa” trying to laugh off that he had just got caught cheating. While it can not be proven who it was that supplied Andres Cano with the questions in advance it is interesting that Cano’s ex-lover and candidate for TUSD School Board Adam Ragan, Cano’s campaign treasurer and LD-3 Secretary Andrew Gardner and the person who had donated as much money as the law allows to Cano’s campaign, Joel Feinman (who recently ran for Pima County Attorney are ALL on the LD-3 executive committee and yet not one of them had the integrity to recues themselves and not involve themselves in the forum. Even worse, the LD-3 Chair, candidate for Sunnyside School Board, Eva Carillo Dong, (a close personal friend of every person named here) also didn’t have the integrity to remove any of Cano’s besties from involvement. Again, who can say who it was that gave Cano the questions? Considering the dirty tricks, the dirty politics, the games and lack of integrity already in politics in Arizona what do you say we all just not vote for these questionable candidates? No NOT vote for the good ol’ boys and dirty politicians Andres Cano, Adam Ragan or Eva Carillo Dong. Instead, vote for candidates with integrity.

Andres Cano answering Question 4 when Question 3 had been asked can be seen at 47:25

Cano trying to laugh off getting caught can be seen at: 55:44.

Cano crying can be seen at the end of the video.

Cano is a Special Staff Assistant to District 5 Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias.

According to the popular website for Arizona’s Democrats, Blog For Arizona, Cano “got his first summer job with Pima County at age 14. Six years later, he returned from college to serve as an aide to Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías, becoming the youngest policy advisor in County government.”

Cano is a favorite candidate of the Congressman Raul Grijalva political machine. He is running against the Grijalva-friendly cartels’ favorite candidate, State Sen. Olivia Bedford Cajero, and sister of State Rep. Daniel Hernandez, Alma Hernandez.

Daniel has become a nemesis of Grijalva due to the fact that he is seen as a moderate who refuses to participate in identity politics.

Bedford Cajero is termed out of the Arizona Senate.

Although Arizona claims to have term limits for legislators, the law allows them to move back and forth from the Senate to the House. Incumbent lawmakers take advantage of the term-limit law’s loophole and simply switch back-and-forth between chambers rather than honor the intent of the law.


  1. More corruption from the Grijalva crew! It is clear Andrés Cano cheated and was given the questions early. Sad.

  2. If Supervisor Elias is involved it is never surprising when it turns out to be some kind of a scam. Remember World View? Just a few months ago he was trying to sell his vote on the Board of Supervisors to increase the sales tax in return for the taxpayer`s funding of $52 million for a bogus “Commission” for diversity, etc. The only information Elias provided regarding the “commission” was its name.

  3. Tucson is a cesspool of swamp rats. Too many years of one party closed minded rule. Drain the swamp.

  4. One must admit that any time the democrats are complaining about some being rigged, it’s gotta be rigged on steroids.
    When the champions of fairness, empathy and compassion as well as graft, corruption and under handedness are crying fowl, it’s really gotta be messed up.
    Welcome home boys, make yourselves comfortable.

    The Oracle

  5. Cano is a child who is mouthpiece for Richard Elias.

    Is there a doubt that the machine ia corrupt? Elias wants to have two votes one in State Legislature the other on bos.

    Ask yourself to look at Pima County do you want the same garbage at Legislature? Hell no!!

    I live in that District and not a single candidate is worth handfull of free jelly beans. We need independent thinkers who will worl for the common good.

    I wont vote for this spoiled child of Elias.

    Richard Hernandez

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