Elephants Stomp Flake: Sunday’s Comic

From Seeingredaz.com:

Jeff the Flake returns to Africa, prefers gov’t to U.S.

Loose cannon Flake embarrasses himself again

The aptly named Jeff Flake is once again in his beloved Africa. He was first there on a church mission, later returning to Namibia in the 1990’s where he was employed as a registered foreign agent working for Rossing Uranium, a mining company with ties to Iran and one of the world‘s largest supplies of nuclear fuel. He lobbied on behalf of the company, opening doors in Washington D.C. —- a job, as the HuffPost points out, Flake did his best to keep under wraps as he campaigned for the U.S. House as a “political outsider.”


During his single senate term, due to expire with the coming election, fake Republican Flake cozied up to Barack Obama, and accompanied him and the congressional black caucus to Kenya, Obama’s familial homeland.

Now Flake, once again jetting at taxpayer’s expense, is in Zimbabwe, emulating Jimmy Carter by overseeing questionable elections in third world countries. Flake’s observation in the wake of deadly violence and claims of rigged results? According to this Breitbart News report, “Democracy doesn’t get any better than this.” His vacuous tweet was enthusiastic…

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  1. The unelectable Flake is absolutely correct, as he finishes out his term and leaves the Senate, “Democracy doesn’t get any better than this.”

    The Oracle

    • Hear! Hear! So, how does Rep McSally, the Senator Flake clone, think she can get elected to the Senate when even the real Flake acknowledges his policies are anathema to Republican voters? “If McSally thinks she and Governor Ducey, another Flake/McCain clone, can buy their way to election victories together, they are both in for big surprises. It is time for Republican voters to stop electing fakes who run as conservatives but serve Democrat party interests. The voters who reject them are not the traitors to conservative ideals, the fake conservative politicians are.

  2. Kelli Ward for Senate and Brandon Martin in CD2. These candidates were on the TRUMP train from the beginning. Work for them, spread the word and sent $$$. It’s up to us deplorables to help PDJT drain the swamp.

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