Grijalva Called Out For Attack On Gonzales

State Representative Sally Ann Gonzales is running for the vacant State Senate seat in Legislative District 3. Sally Ann has a proud history of standing up for women’s rights and the disadvantaged. An independent thinker, Sally Ann has stood up to the establishment.

As a result, the self-appointed power brokers, led by Congressman Raul Grijalva, are going after her. Sally Ann is the only elected official who has stood up to Grijalva for disrespecting women. In retaliation, Congressman Grijalva put up “his” candidate against Sally Ann. As has been reported, Grijalva paid almost $50,000 in taxpayer dollars in “HUSH” money to keep a staff member quiet after she threatened to sue him for maintaining a “hostile workplace” and showing up drunk for work. He dreads having a State Senator who will hold elected officials accountable for their actions. He knows Sally Ann was involved in the ousting of Rep. Don Shooter from the Arizona Legislature for sexual harassment of women and maintaining a “hostile workplace.”

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As a long time voter and elected official in our community I refuse to allow this congressman, who has a well-documented history of being seen in public inebriated and treating people disrespectfully to continue unchallenged.

State Representative Sally Ann Gonzales has stood with us for the last eight years, championing fair play and equal treatment at work, in schools, in courtrooms. Her philosophy of representation with integrity rests on her strong moral and ethical principles. I respectfully ask that you now stand with her.

The establishment power brokers fear people like Sally Ann. They put up “yes” candidates whom they can control. For example, at a recent candidate debate, it became obvious that the power broker’s candidate for State Representative had been secretly given the questions in advance. We truly need independent thinkers like Sally Ann who will represent us and not the power brokers.

I know from personal experience what it takes to fight back power brokers who want to control people and events to benefit themselves. Our civic obligation is to fight back and expose people who believe they can do as they please with no consequences. Please stand with me in voting for Sally Ann Gonzales for State Senate. I promise it will be a decision you will not regret.

In all sincerity, thank you.

Luis A. Gonzales
Former Arizona State Senator

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