Border Patrol Agents Arrest 193 Illegal Aliens In 2 Hours

A combined 193 illegal alien adults and children were encountered by Border Patrol agents patrolling along the border several miles west of Arizona’s Port of Lukeville on Sunday.

In the first incident, 102 people surrendered to Ajo Station Border Patrol agents. About an hour later, agents encountered another 91 illegal aliens in the same area. Both groups were comprised of adults and children, some as young as 1, from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Agents determined most of the people were traveling as families, but 11 children were unaccompanied.

Agents evaluated the 193 illegal aliens and determined no further medical attention was needed. After transporting everyone to the Ajo Border Patrol Station, they were processed for immigration violations.

Graphic courtesy U.S. Border Patrol-Tucson


  1. They need to build tent cities to house these illegals in until they are deported.Maybe the lack of amenities will be part of the deterrence.

  2. I love how so many folks have become blind to the fact that even illegal immigrants are human. Many of them are coming here to escape abuse and oppression, and we send them right back to despair. While I agree that there should be little excuse for breaking laws, I still feel bad for the families that are torn apart by this whole mess, from both sides.

    • I am not blind to their plight and they should not be blind to ours, those of us who oppose open borders. Our children and families are either being murdered or slowly killed by the drugs they bring in, they don’t seem to care.
      They better grow some and straighten up that back bone and clean up their own country as we are trying to do here. Have they become such cowards that they no longer remember Pancho Villa,Juarez and Zapata? How about the priest Hidalgo? These people all had armies against them but they rallied people together and fought for their country. Geez, these Mexican Citizens have got to fix their country instead of just giving up and coming here for the U.S. handout. We cannot keep doing this while our Vets and Senior citizens, and handicapped and children go without to have their benefits cut to support them.
      No, most of us are not blind, we do understand, but anything worth fighting for will come with some sacrifice and I don’t mean the United State citizen.

  3. If you vote Democrat this invasion will never end. If the Democrat Party takes control of the Congress and the Presidency. the border will be no more and America will become an over populated and lawless place. Why isn`t Governor Ducey, the leading governmental official of pur State leading the call for action to stop this undermining of our laws by the Democrat Party and their media friends?

  4. I’m sure because of our soft justice, many come back right away, keeping our Border Patrol busy. How frustrating it must be for those in BP, when they have to see the same ole shist every day because the US has such justice wussies. Oh! I should have gone to Law school and become a tough judge on illegal immigration.
    With the increasing numbers every few days we have got to do more about this problem, but with the democrats backing open borders we have a tough fight ahead. I may not be a tough immigration judge but I can vote against the “blue wave” threatening our way of life as I experienced back in the 50’s- 60’s.

    I am an American born here in Tucson in 1949 of Mexican descent as did the previous 4 generations before me and the 3 gens after me. Eight generations born here in the USA, I am not racist but facts uphold that wages go down when illegal aliens work here and jobs that should have gone to citizens going to illegal aliens working under the table or with fake green cards.
    Don’t even get me going on the Crime and Drugs!
    Get out and Vote in November! Please for both my and your own grand children.

  5. Deport them all, and all who are here illegally, we need to make a clear and concise statement. This will continue until that happens.

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