The California Invasion – No On Prop 127

By Randy Fleenor, State Senate candidate (LD-9)

A given state or country typically exports their best products. The Swiss have their watches, the Germans have their cars and Texas has oil. California is bucking the trend and is now experimenting with exporting bad ideas to other states. Perhaps misery loves company.

Proposition 127 is a recycled version of California’s failed energy initiatives being exported to Arizona courtesy of Tom Steyer, California energy hedge fund billionaire. The proposition would require electric companies like TEP and APS to get half of their power from renewable sources by 2030. It is a lofty goal which comes with lofty pricing for Arizona energy consumers.

We all want clean water and clean air. We also want Arizona in control of our own energy future. The California clean energy experiment has done nothing but produce the highest electricity rates in the country. Southern Arizona has yet to shake off the great recession. Raising energy prices only results in more companies and jobs fleeing to other states. Now is the time to capitalize on the masses fleeing the high California cost of living. It is not the time to turn AZ into CA!

Prop. 127 if passed, is estimated to cost the average family in Arizona more than $1,000 in increased energy costs annually. Small business which represents the economic engine of our economy will have to pass those costs on to consumers or perhaps consider relocation. The impact will be especially difficult for struggling low-income families, the very people we want to protect.

This will further impact Arizona voters’ ability to voice their opinions on our economic future by restricting the Arizona Corporation Commission’s authority. Moreover, it forces the Palo Verde nuclear facility to close by 2025. These jobs and $55 million in tax revenues that now go to education, roads and other state funding would be lost.

We don’t need the export of failed California ideas here in Arizona. Prop. 127 states clearly that arbitrary “clean energy” thresholds must be met, “irrespective of costs to consumers.” Say ‘no’ to higher energy costs and out-of-state control of our energy future.

Randy Fleenor is a candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 9. To learn more, visit email or call (520) 471.007.

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