Flake Is Tearing The Country Apart: Sunday’s Comic

Sen. Jeff Flake said the hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was ripping the country apart… wrong Jeff… you are. Why? Because you refuse to acknowledge that the Democrats turned advise and consent into search and destroy for strictly political purposes…. quite frankly – PLEASE run for the presidency! It is time for your dirt to catch up with you….

and it will…

Booker and Flake Deliver Bipartisan Buffoonery

Senator Cory Booker doubled down on stupid today when he relived his “Spartacus Moment” during the hearing on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

He said that Republican senators told him after his “Spartacus Moment” that they forgive him because they were taught to hate sin but love the sinner.

Well, I was taught to enjoy clowns but not take them seriously….

Then there were the antics of Senator Jeff Flake this week. Flake, a man with a guilty conscience who assumes everyone is secretly as sleazy as he is, called for the FBI to take up to a week to look into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh before a full Senate vote on his nomination….

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From Seeingredaz.com

Will Jeff Flake’s flawed sons face future backlash from Dad’s hypocrisy?

Jeff Flake, a father of five, has a couple of sons who have made the news for being less than stellar. He obviously wasn’t thinking of them 36 years in the future as their careers could hang in the balance and their lives be all but destroyed by claims made against them.


Yet in siding with a united bloc of Democrats as the swing Republicrat, that is exactly what he is consenting to. The difference is, in his son’s cases the claims would not be unsubstantiated. It would be hoped that in the intervening years they would have matured and been worthy of having their pasts put in the past.

Austin Flake, a BYU college student and his then-wife Logan, were left in charge of her parent’s kennel while they were out of state. The young Flakes were responsible for the agonizing, heat-related suffocation deaths of nearly two dozen family pets…..

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