The Patriot McSally vs. Sinema The Protester: A Contrast In Leadership

Kyrsten Sinema | Martha McSally

Pictures speak a thousand words. One that recently made the rounds online makes it clear that Kyrsten Sinema was leading anti-war protests in a pink tutu while American soldiers were putting their lives on the line battling terrorists in Afghanistan.

Now Sinema is running for the U.S. Senate to represent the great State of Arizona — home to seven military bases, over seven dozen A-10 fighter jets, and 600,000 veterans.

Think this was an isolated incident in her past? Think again. A recent investigation uncovered that Kyrsten Sinema was the leader of an extremist group that circulated anti-American propaganda accusing our nation of inflicting “terror” in the Middle East.

“American soldiers are terrorists” — that’s the motto Sinema adopted while Americans were protecting our homeland. American soldiers were actually on the front lines defending her right to smear them. Now she wants to represent them in the Senate.

But while Kyrsten Sinema wore pink to protest our military, GOP nominee McSally wore camouflage to protect our freedoms — and put her life on the line to do so.

When America needed heroes, McSally answered the call, dedicating more than two decades of her life to protecting our nation.

Before representing Arizona’s 2nd district in Congress, McSally served in the U.S. Air Force, becoming one of the highest ranking female pilots after earning the rank of colonel and the first female pilot to fly in combat.

Unlike her political opponent, McSally fought real terrorists, clocking in over 100 combat hours during two tours in the Middle East and playing key roles in crucial Air Force operations. Her experience as an American warrior means that she understands how important the military is to her state.

In the Senate, McSally will put her combat experience to good use fighting do-nothing establishment politicians like Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren — like when she fought for and secured the largest military pay raise in nearly ten years and when she took on Democrats to keep Arizona’s defense industry alive.

She also won big for Arizonans in the 2019 budget, securing nearly $114 billion to rebuild our military bases, $9.4 billion to support the 6,000 Arizonans working on F-35 aircrafts, and new funds for Air-to-Air Missiles built in Tucson.

Sinema, on the other hand, would parade her radical activism through the halls of the Senate and likely vote to shrink our national defense budget and put our military men and women at risk. That’s not what Arizona needs from its senator.

Unlike liberals in Washington, President Trump believes in peace through strength — not war through weakness. That’s why as the Commander-in-Chief, he needs a senator like Martha McSally to keep America safe from threats, both foreign and domestic, and maintain a firm commitment to our military and our veterans.

Pictures do speak a thousand words — and the images of Kyrsten Sinema’s radical anti-war past tell Arizona’s voters everything they need to know about her.

This Election Day, the people of Arizona should choose the patriot over the protester.
Brett Velicovich is a U.S. Army veteran and author of “Drone Warrior: An Elite Soldier’s Inside Account of the Hunt for America’s Most Dangerous Enemies”


  1. At the risk of ruining your day, What Again, we agree. Now let’s try to work together to do something about it. If people of good will, regardless of their politics, can agree on something and work together, imagine what we could accomplish. That’s why I hold up the Georgia-Florida Green Tea Coalitions as models.

  2. Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 perps are all dead, as they should be. So why are we still in Afghanistan — 17 years now — besides propping up the heroin suppliers? And in Vietnam how many American companies have moved jobs there? In El Salvador during the civil war, and I was there escorting a union leader back from exile — his wife and children had been killed — US-supplied weapons were being sold by the military on the black market to the rebels. And we wonder why the country is so screwed up now that people are leaving in droves. As Mark Twain once said:

    “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress, but I repeat myself.”

    The lesser evil is still evil.

  3. cinema is WHO? Never heard of her before this race and the obvious things being claimed, well makes ya wonder does it not? As to who initiated the war is a moot point anymore, we are ENGAGED and need to put forth a solid front for the troops. You do realize less than 5% of the vietnam protestors is what changed things. Much like the current womens movement. They got and get a lot of news coverage SLANTED to their point of view and it makes everyone else think they are out of step with things. BTW the vietnam war was primarily a democrap war from the start. The current engagements are from both parties as all but 1 voted to engage. We ran from vietnam based on the actions of the idiots here and then we suffered the results when the great klinton ran from somalia and then the rest just followed suit as before and the muslims saw openings that they tried to worm their ways thru.

    Now mcsilly is not a great choice, but we have 2 liars (politicians) calling each other out and its pretty funny particularly when it can be shown one is more truthful than the other. So once again its the lesser of the 2 evils to vote for and once again the democraps have an idiot in the race.

  4. Didn`t Sinema also lobby to excuse adult males for having sex with underage girls as long as they “looked” (TO THE PERP!) to be of age? Just like minorities, the Democrats and their media partners “stand up” for women mainly to exploit them politically. I have no first hand knowledge of what was on Sinema`s handout in 2003, I also opposed the Iraq war, but if Mike is correct and her hand out called out our troops for committing terrorism, “in Iraq AND THE MIDDLE EAST” (caps added) that is enough to disqualify her to represent Arizona in the Senate in my opinion. The war in Iraq was authorized by Congress and therefore, though wrong in my view, it is also morally wrong to call it terrorism which is defined as using violence to intimidate civilians. BTW, has Sinema shared with anyone what she was referring to as American terrorism elsewhere in the middle east n 2003?

    • She was a law student at the time, but protested the Iraq war in a pink tutu in 2003. McSally retired from the Air Force in 2010 after 26 years of military service.

  5. When McSilly wins we’ve got to keep her on track so she doesn’t turn into McCain or Flake who happen to be her mentors. YUCK!

  6. Calling the government policy “US terror” is not calling those who were sent there terrorists. Senseless wars — Iraq, like Vietnam, was based on a lie. WMDs – nope. Gulf of Tonkin attack – nope. Our young men and women dying for lies…? My love for America is in line with the 1800s US Senator Carl Shurz, a founder of the Republican Party: “My country right or wrong. When right, to keep it right. When wrong, to set it right.”

    And it’s nothing but wrong to blow up school busses and hospitals, to set up torture chambers around the world, to send young Americans off to kill and be killed for those sitting in their plush armchairs in Washington making those policies. Those demonstrators, and I was arrested for peacefully protesting the US invasion of Iraq, are the true patriots, trying to “set it right.”

    • What do you know you were not there, and there was WMD’s in Iraq to include four different kinds of gas. I was there, and in VietNam. I’m also retired Military. As for VietNam we did the same thing we did in Iraq in rebuilding the Country. It was the media, and the left wing nuts that pulled us out resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of the citizens in the South. You should be proud of that. Ever see a purple finger in Iraq? It is the sign of the first time in history they got to vote for a leader, and the very first for any female to vote in their history. Along with many otheer firstss to include schools, medical treatment, clean water and even elect. power to their homes.

    • Albert, WMD’s were and still are present – buried not removed – still a danger of them being dug up for use – why did they find French Mirage planes equipped with tanks to carry and spray these elements?

      Viet Nam – (Im a combat Vet of that exercise) LBJ signed the “GOT Resolution” the day “after” JFK was killed… Que Milagro! Brings to mind the Gerson theory of the JFK assassination – the war was a git the money scheme, the DEMOCRAT LBJ was given an offer he couldn’t refuse…

    • Wow – so much Hate America you are holding. Must be a relief knowing time is running out. Just think of all those dollars earned skimming of the top of hard working Americans made in your career and then maybe you might like part of America. After all, where else in the world is the “Vig” legal?

  7. The charge that Sinema called American soldiers “terrorists” has no basis in fact that I can find. To oppose a now-17-year-long war that has killed and crippled Americans for no good reason, and which has not changed much in the ravaged country, is not denigrating those sent by the rulers to fight and die. Opposing senseless wars, wars built on lies like Iraq, or Vietnam, is to support those in uniform so that they don’t face danger needlessly. It’s a political season, and lots of BS is being thrown about. Mr. Vilikovich is certainly entitled to his opinion and to vote for whom he pleases, but, please, let’s stop spreading lies in the process. Just because he wouldn’t look good in a pink tutu….

    • 2003 AZ Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema handed out flyers calling us terrorists, and U.S. government was the enemy. The lead statement on them was ““YOU CAN HELP US PUSH BACK U.S. Terror In IRAQ and the middle east.””
      You calling them senseless wars says everything about you. Lack of any knownledge or understanding of why we were or are there or even what was done, and being done there. In fact your in lock step with the left wing in hate of everything American.

    • Yes please stop spreading lie.

      Our nation was attacked in 2001.

      The “War or Terror” was hardly “senseless”.

      This idiot Sinema was protesting the war and our military on 2002! She advocated shutting down Luke AFB in 2002.

      The choice is clear. Sinema is UNFIT for office.

      She would be another left wing loonie in the Senate who voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Like “Just shut Up” Hirono & “I’m Spartacus” Booker….

      • 2001 was the second attack on the World Trade Center. First was in 93, by ones from Iraq, and at least one got away back to Iraq. All the funds for them was traced back to Iraq as well.

  8. McSilly wasn’t my first choice, but after Wards repeat defeat in the primary she’s my only choice.
    I can’t in good conscience vote for the uber libtard and her leftwing agenda. I’ll vote for McSilly not because I want her as my Senator, but because I don’t Sinema representing my state in the Senate.
    While McSilly might not be perfect, Sinema is seriously flawed.
    The nice thing about Arizona is Maricopa county holds more voters then the rest of the state, and since they primarily will vote Republican they in effect nix Pima county’s primarily Democratic votes, so whoever wins Maricopa county wins the seat.

    The Oracle

    • Oracle, we are back to the “Red Ant Hill” – “Black Ant Hill” choice, which would you rather sit on…. I too will vote the Red Ant Hill as I can’t seem to stomach my senator in a pink tutu, Gezzzz maybe Kyle will stay on a bit longer. McFly it will be.. back to the future!

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