Arizona GOP Offices Vandalized, Flagstaff, Mesa Hit

The Daily Caller is reporting that GOP offices in Arizona have been targeted by vandal. The latest reported attack occurred at the Mesa, Arizona office.

According to, “This comes as another GOP office was vandalized in late August, just hours away, in Flagstaff. During the August incident, a rock that was thrown through the window had “(expletive) Trump,” written on a note attached. GOP offices have been vandalized across the U.S. throughout the midterm elections, in such likes Nebraska, Illinois and Wyoming.”

The Daily Caller reported that the “window that was shattered had a sign for Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey displayed. Ducey is looking to continue serving as governor and is running against Democrat David Garcia in the Nov. 6 midterm election.”


  1. I have to admit that I have a tiny worry that there might be troublemakers of the demon-crat kind that might be standing off outside the polls and harassing people on their way in. You know, cat calls of who people might be voting for, etc. Black Panther style.
    As a deplorable I haven’t had any GOP bumper stickers since I first voted for Bush the first or the second time due to an uneasiness about liberals, and in 2016 I really was put off by the nastiness of the election.
    This mid term has definitely heightened my sense of danger.
    It may seem unreasonable but when I read about all the crap going on with all these terrorist groups, even Tucson doesn’t seem out of the question.

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