President Trump To Hold Rally In Mesa On October 19

On October 19, President Donald Trump will be holding a “Make America Great Again” rally in Mesa. The rally will be held at the International Air Response, 6250 S Taxiway Circle.

Doors are scheduled to open at 4 p.m.

“President Trump will also urge Arizonans to get out and vote on November 6th to protect and expand our Republican majorities in the House and Senate, including supporting Martha McSally in her race for the U.S. Senate,” said Michael Glassner with the Donald J. Trump for President.

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Due to his popularity, this is his tenth rally in Arizona and second in Mesa since 2015.


  1. While it’s always great to see the president come back to Arizona, it’s a little over-kill to come boost up unneeded support for McSilly.
    With Kyrsten Sinema’s camp in unprecedented free fall from her publicly highlighted public disconnect, her failed record on policies, ideals and bewildering personal comments, she’s realistically no longer a viable threat to the Senate seat. The McCain machine style attack ads have hit home and effectively swayed anyone left undecided.
    I personally think Trump should be out and about as often as possible in support of almost anyone running for any office, it’ll cost Soros and his lot hundred of million$ hiring countless fake protesters and agitators across the nation.
    Trump is as popular and loved as ever by one side and equally despised and hated by the other.
    Throw in a bitterly biased media and you have American style democracy.

    The Oracle

    • Trump`s main concern for Arizona is probably to boost the chances of losers like Lea running in CD 2 who still refuses to denounce the threat of her camp to unseat Pima County`s only reliable taxpayer and responsible government advocate, Supervisor Ally Miller. BTW, Miller has shown true political leadership by urging her supporters to vote for Lea Marquez-Peterson(-Winchester).

  2. I wish he’d mention Nick Pearson for congress. Grijalva needs to go. Any help he could give would help.

  3. I’m holding my nose to vote for Marquez-Peterson. But if she goes after Miller, I will withhold my vote next election (assuming she doesn’t lose to the carpetbagger, which she very well might).

    • Me too. Lousy candidate. But the alternative is lousier. (New word to describe democrats)
      Pronounced Louw Zieer. V. meaning pitiful redistribution socialist democrat.



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