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Kyrsten Sinema Is Really Disgusted With Arizona
By James T. Harris

From The Senate Leaders Fund

The latest video of Kyrsten Simema Arizona bashing has emerged. There truly is something to the theory that Kyrsten Sinema hates her state — just look at the expression of disgust on her face and the tone of her voice when she has to utter the word “Arizona” in the below video. Words alone can’t do it justice…..

To read more — VIDEO: The disgust on Rep. Sinema face while talking about Arizona — click here


  1. I’m really trying to work on my shyness, so please work with me, but personally, I wouldn’t urinate on her if she spontaneously erupted in flames.

    The Oracle

  2. These far left radial zealots who practice moderate independent talking points solely during campaign season are really annoying.

  3. Some voters are tired of “THE CLUB” Republicans picking and choosing our candidates. We’re tired of holding our noses and voting. Huge under-vote for McSally. Kelli Ward would have kicked Sinema’s pink tutu to the curb. “THE CLUB” didn’t want a Senator that supported PDJT – the McCain machine wanted another #nevertrumper like McSally. We’ve got to crush Cindy and the McCain machine.

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