Pima County Sheriff Undergoes Procedure: Sunday’s Comic

Stonegarden Alternative Plan: BOS kept in the dark
By Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON, Ariz. – The Pima County Sheriff is launching an alternative plan to the controversial border security grant — known as Operation Stonegarden.
KGUN9 has learned the command staff discussed keeping the Board of Supervisors in the dark about the plan.

KGUN 9 obtained an email that sheriff’s deputies received this week from Sheriff Mark Napier on his alternative plan for Operation Stonegarden….

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  1. the bos is in the dark at AL times. Just look at the crap they let the berry put over using their names as proof positive that its a county idea. The best thing to do is to REPLACE all of them, but with the idiot voters in this area that can only vote PARTY LINE nothing will change. the democraps have ruined this area and now they are trying to ruin the whole nation. While just a small sample/area, it is indicative of what the whole country is facing if the idiots can convince enough of the tit suckers to vote them in.

  2. IMHO:
    I didn’t vote for Napier to get along, I voted for him to roll up his sleeves and get into a bare knuckle brawl, to forcefully clean up a dirty Dept, instead on day one he retained and/or promoted the worst offenders who silently watched the corruption and handed them a bar of soap with instructions to clean themselves up, then like a puppet on que, he quickly dropped to his knees and asked the BOS who’s first?
    Who knew the fighting spirit of the knock out one punch candidate would deliberately fall to the mat as soon as the opening bell rung crying “please don’t hit me?
    Given the choices of candidates I’m not disappointed in my choice, but I’m hugely disappointed in the performance of my one term sheriff. The voters who believed in him and voted for him expected something better.
    Fight Mark, get up and fight!

    The Oracle

  3. perhaps higher up the nervous system a NEW BRAIN would be a more appropriate therapy better yet, just replace the entire him which is FUBAR

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