AZ AG Seeks To Remove Window Rock Unified Governing Board President

Governing Board Member Ashley and Governing Board Member Tomlinson standing together with Window Rock HS Athletic Director Mr. McLaughlin. [Photo from Window Rock Unified]

A lawsuit has been filed against Scott Tomlinson, President of the Window Rock Unified School District Governing Board, in an effort to remove him from office for allegedly violating an Arizona law that requires an individual running for office as a school governing board member, be a registered voter at the time of their election.

The quo warranto lawsuit, filed by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, alleges that in 2016, Tomlinson filed papers with the State attesting he was qualified to run for office. He was subsequently elected to the Window Rock Unified School District Governing Board that same year.

However, attorneys say Tomlinson was not qualified for office because he was not a registered voter at the time of the election as required by Arizona law. Tomlinson was not registered to vote in Arizona until June 28, 2018, according to the lawsuit.

Although admitting through his attorney that he was not registered to vote, Tomlinson is refusing to step down.


  1. Why didn`t Attorney General Brnovich pursue his legal action to remove Scott Tomlinson from the school board as soon as he was sworn into office as a school board member if Tomlinson is not qualified to hold his seat? Could Brnovich be using this action to curry favor with voters only now that it is election time? Brnovich has not earned the right to be re-elected as the rampant corruption of the Pima County government certainly attests.

    • Because he simply doesn’t have time, Attorney General Brnovich’s only noteworthy accomplishment since taking office is defending his angry birds high score.

      The Oracle

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