Sinema Latest Politician Exposed By Project Veritas

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is the latest victim of the truth revealed by undercover journalists with Project Veritas. Project Veritas Action Fund’s latest undercover video shows Sinema’s campaign staffers saying that she has to appear moderate to get elected to the Senate.

Sinema’s staffers admit in the video that Sinema is a progressive, but must appear to be a liberal in order to win Democratic Party establishment support.

Sinema’s shift to the right for campaign purposes has cost her considerable support from progressives.

Sinema “can’t be talking about” Gun Bans; Says Arizonans Will “actually shoot you”

Kyrsten Sinema confirms to Project Veritas that she wants amnesty for all 22+ million illegal aliens

Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover videos of various candidates as part of its series revealing secrets and lies from political campaigns in 2018.

Founder and president of Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe, said Monday, “Kyrsten Sinema used to be quite the radical firebrand. But now because she knows she must get moderate voters to win her senate race, she has perfected the art of playing it safe while diminishing her prior views and behavior.”

Project Veritas features Sinema’s campaign manager Michelle Davidson, who explains that because of political pressures, Sinema cannot outright campaign on an assault weapons bans:

DAVIDSON: “… I think Kyrsten’s approach is so, I think, important. We can’t be talking about an assault weapons ban…”

In the Project Veritas video, Sinema claims that Arizonans will “actually shoot you” if you support gun bans in an Arizona campaign. Davidson says that while Rep. Sinema can’t outwardly campaign on gun bans, what she can do is champion other gun control points:

DAVIDSON: “So we can’t talk about that [assault weapon bans] right? So what Kyrsten… the conversation that she can lead is how do we get to a place where we can, background checks… We’ve got to fix the gun show loophole, we have to fix the background check system. We’ve got to make it harder for people who have been convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes to get guns—I mean those are the conversations we can have.”

Also featured in the report is Steve Andrews, a donor to Sinema’s campaign for the Senate, who says that while not being able to campaign on assault weapon bans “voting I’d have to assume she’ll be okay.” Andrews adds “she won’t support assault weapons, I don’t think.”

Sinema has been haunted by statements made in the past that disparage Arizonans and give a free pass to Americans who would want to join the Taliban.

Th race between Sinema and Rep. Martha McSally is tight. McSally has had difficulty gaining traction due to the belief by grassroots Republicans that she is the McCain camp’s hand-chosen candidate.


  1. While McSilly is far from the dream candidate, Sinema will be a six year long nightmare.

    The Oracle

    • First thing I thought, too. Six years is a long time to fight the wave of Venezuelan wannabes infecting our government.
      Why, after years of resounding evidence that this form of government does NOT, can NOT work, does it keep rearing its Gorgonic head? It’s like Groundhog Day. Every generation seems to be compelled to give this ideology a platform and a push.

    • My first thought, too. Six years is a long time to fight the Venezuelan wannabes that are infecting our government.
      Why is it that every generation seems compelled to revisit and push this utopian ideology, even though it has been proven over time that it DOES NOT, CAN NOT possibly work?
      It’s like Groundhog Day.
      The only reason I can fathom is that it is a totalitarian power grab by a small sector of elitists bent on controlling every aspect of peoples’ lives. It certainly holds no advantage for the people, or even for the good of humanity, though it will be couched in the “but it’s for your good…” refrain.

  2. Exposed? Sinema, and the disgusting slob Grijalva, are the perfect representative and Senator, for southern Arizona. We’re the center of resistance, standing against the Constitution, and most importantly, against the evil white men that are killing the planet and humanity. Unless we assuage our guilt by empowering these ‘progressives’, we are lost. Tucson, Pima County, Meet Yourself!

  3. Thank you Project Veritas for providing some factual evidence for something we all knew but could not demonstrate the way you could. There are politicians on both sides who enjoy the Trojan Horse model of re-election. The funny thing is we know who most of them are but are not willing to say the emperor is not wearing any clothes….. Shameful on the politicians for this disgracefulness model of political deception and shame on the citizens for tolerating this behavior. How many of you are making this decision – do I vote for a crook or do I vote for a Marxists? Well, I selected the crook.

  4. Kyrsten Sinema is as radical left as someone can possibly be; she was a leader with Code Pink (note the clipboard in her famous pink tutu photo.) Code Pink visited Cuba and Venezuela to praise Communism. Code Pink gave money and supplies to Fallujah terrorists.

    It seems like many Arizona Democrats are ready to march peacefully into the Gulag.

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