Leave It To Don Lemon: Sunday’s Comic

Lemon: Trump’s Language Divides Us
By James T. Harris

President Trump is bringing this country back to being great again.

Even that statement gets people fired up on both sides saying that it is too divisive saying that either America was ever great or that it needs to be made great again.

Leave it to Don Lemon and news people like him to propagate the notion that Trump’s language is not good for this country.

So a booming economy and not taking any nonsense trying to take advantage of us are bad things?

What about the rhetoric and violence and hatred that are spewed all over your network and others like yours Don!?

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By Scott Morefield

Donald Trump Jr. hammered CNN Saturday morning by posting a campaign ad the network “refused to run,” featuring unrepentant cop killer Luis Bracamontes.

“CNN refused to run this ad,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “I guess they only run fake news and won’t talk about real threats that don’t suit their agenda. Enjoy. Remember this on Tuesday.”



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  1. The harsh truth is Don Lemon is a ignorent racist pig. Lemon does little but hide behind the color of his skin as he hurls divisive racial insults, prooving once again that in the eyes of the blank community “only white folk be racist”.
    CNN was once a pioneering cornerstone of non stop 24hr a day access to real news. But then CNN became politicized and slowly fell into a one way conduit of racism, hate and propaganda.
    Without question, Don Lemon’s comments are the definition of racism. His caustically abrasive way of thinking is socially defective. CNN’s lack of professionalism, lack of self respect and lack of self restraint while not surprising is very revealing. It demonstrates the level of justifiable public hate the left is willing to not only accept but willing to promote in its resistence to all things not left and especially towards President Trump.
    I don’t watch TV news, I REFUSE to sit and be brainwashed by any of the major outlets. The left routinely attacks FOX for its hard right stance, but FOX isn’t calling for public lynchings. Apparently that’s the sole domain of the left.
    What a sad state of puedo journalism we are fed everyday.
    Don Lemon is a disgrace and CNN is a worthless cooperate whore pandering to the mindless left for not swiftly responding and firing Lemon.
    Black America should be appalled that racist hate filled Don Lemon is even attempting to be thier mouthpiece, black America would be better represented by a deaf mute! Bill Cosby could provide better leadership!
    The worse part of this sliver of discourse is that the words of Dr. King are totally lost on people too stupid to comprehend or even hear what he said.
    Does anyone really believe Don Lemon shares Dr. Kings dream? Or how about Maxine Waters or Colin Kaepernick?
    They’re angry? They are promoting and flaming the flames of hatred right down racial lines. Be careful what you wish for.

    The Oracle

    • I don’t think we have seen a sliver of what the left will stoop to and do to get their way, let the incarcerations, demonetization’s, life destroying legal actions, rationing of services and freedom’s begin with the Christians being their ultimate racists to which to lay blame as the cause of all problem, worked for the Nazi’s, and here’ come’s again.. the left loves to stone you if they have the chance – Waters and company in front to cast the first stone

      • A good example the attack on Tucker from FOX at his home – this was an attack – hey how much till there is retaliation ? This is what the left is prodding… why because they don’t agree with this ? Really ? This is what the lefts ‘ liberalism’ is ? Can only hope these people are caught, jailed, if not… leaves a bad situation does it not.

    • @Mike: I’d far prefer to be honest then to be politically correct, people who disagree or who’s sensitivities are offended by my words and my thoughts often call me names. But for some reason, shy and liar are never two of the more colorful adjectives they use.

      The Oracle

  2. I LOVE HOW PDJT TALKS. He’s NOT a polished lying BSer like the professional political class that look us straight in the eyes while stabbing us in the back. I think it’s refreshing to have the truth told and I don’t care how he tells it. This IS who we citizens selected and elected as our President. The party bosses don’t like it because he doesn’t need the $$$$ upon leaving office so he doesn’t have to cater to lobbyist like the rest do. I say keep setting the democratic press corp’s hair on fire and cleaning up the swamp left by the PRO’s.

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