Pima County Credit Card: Sunday’s Comic


Please vote NO on the road bonds! By state law, road building and repair is a top priority for counties. But THIS county has been misdirecting MILLIONS in highway and gasoline revenue FOR YEARS. Now these same Supervisors who have let your roads go to pieces WANT EVEN MORE OF YOUR MONEY! How crazy is that? Where do they spend their millions? A bowling alley! A golf course! More land that they don’t need! A hydrogen balloon explosion! (THAT misadventure will run in the TENS OF MILLIONS!) But not roads. Don’t let them get away with it! They should and COULD do everything needed for our roads out of the regular budget of $1.35 BILLION—per year! Supervisor Miller has shown how the money necessary could come from the general fund. Go to www.AllyMillerDistrict1.com. The info there is an eye-opener…..


I strongly urge you to vote NO on Proposition 463 in November. Unincorporated Pima County is projecting they will receive an estimated $91 million in HURF (gas tax) and Vehicle License tax distributions in the current fiscal year county budget. The bulk of these monies are used to fund the salaries and overhead budget for the Department of Transportation which is projected to be more than $43 million this year. Per the County Administrator this bond will provide only $166,833,891 for unincorporated Pima County roads. That is less than 2 years of the HURF/VLT distributions Pima County is expected to receive from the state based upon the current year projection of $91 million. This debt issuance will absolutely raise your secondary property taxes for bond debt…..

To learn more about Prop 463 click here

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  1. Amen to this no vote, would anyone in their right mind accept and or pay a car dealer or other big biller that showed up at their door to collect on the car or house or any big ticket item you already paid for In order for you to keep your purchase.

    We’ve paid and continue to pay for good roads and get ziltch even after paying over and over.

    Don’t reward and give these crooks more money to do something you already paid for for decades and didn’t get.

    Back them into the corner and force them to do what they are highly paid to do already-(chucky)

    Time to cut chuckys over bloated payroll by a couple thousand seats then find out how bad a shape the pension for the rest really is.

    Why even have a county government if they aren’t gonna do the job correct

  2. Always money for whatever the whim of Huckelberry but there is never $$$ for roads.
    Does ANYONE trust this guy? I sure don’t! There is no road plan. There is no defined split among the 5 districts. You can rest assured these monies will go to the democrat districts. Don’t forget….all 5 supervisors are up for election in 2020. Vote NO on Prop 463. Don’t be fooled by this man again!

  3. I’m voting no and will continue to do so until they change how they spend the current budget. If it takes electing another Republican on the Board, so be it. I hope this thing goes down in flames.

  4. Anybody who doesn’t understand the monumental fraud perpetrated by pima county and Chuck Huckelberry doesn’t comprehend the waste and abuse occurring annually each time the BOS passes another $1.3 billion boondoggle. You must be dumb democrat or on the dole. Even worse, all three.

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