650 Illegal Aliens Surrender In Yuma Sector, Arizona Ports Conduct Readiness Exercises

Customs and Border Patrol is continuing to prepare for the potential invasion by thousands of people traveling in caravans to the United States border. However, this week Yuma Sector BP agents apprehended 654 illegal aliens, not believed to be associated with the caravan.

Most of those who surrendered themselves to Yuma Sector agents on Monday and Tuesda were part of family units or unaccompanied juveniles from Guatemala, who surrendered themselves to agents on Monday and Tuesday.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. Monday night, a group of 55 Central Americans waded across the river near County 9th Street and surrendered to agents after walking around vehicle barriers. The area lacks infrastructure that would deter pedestrian entries.

Year to date apprehensions in Yuma Sector are up over 150% compared to this date in Fiscal Year 2018. Total Fiscal Year 2018 numbers were more than double total Fiscal Year 2017 numbers.

The preparations for the caravan invasion include training exercises, deploying additional CBP personnel, and partnering with the U.S. military to harden ports of entry.

According to authorities, CBP’s Office of Field Operations is continually assessing its capabilities and making the necessary preparations in anticipation of the invading caravan.

On November 14, land ports of entry throughout Arizona began to ramp up operational readiness exercises and mobilization of resources. As part of these preparations, Department of Defense personnel have continued to install concertina wire, pre-positioning barriers, barricades, and fencing as requested by CBP under Operation Secure Line. This included the placement of large barriers, conex boxes on limited use northbound vehicular lanes of traffic, and tactical training exercises with personnel.


  1. And the invasion of the best and brightest continues. No skills, no education, no nothing and they want you and I to support them in their barrios as they try to make this country into the sewer that they came from. Shame on the liberals and anyone that can’t see throught this scam. Look at Europe you idiots before its too late….

    • Just to make money and send it back home!At least that’s what they do here in Louisiana! Every Friday there is a line nearly out the door waiting for their turn at the service.desk to wire their paychecks back to Mexico. They work for the cane farmers down here.

  2. I’m sure in the event no-one noticed, (someone) erected a rather large tan tent city just south of the USBP bdlg at DMAFB here in Tucson, while very well concealed with huge mounds of dirt surrounding it, it’s clearly visible in the distance from the elevated vantage of the Northbound Alvernon/Golf Links overpass North of Ajo road.
    Now why would a “welcoming” city like Tucson suddenly need so much temporary space?

    The Oracle

  3. Give the C-130 pilots in training here at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base more practice by flying loads of illegal aliens back to Honduras, would be cheaper than keeping them in “processing centers” here. Fly in low for light touch down, open the rear door, shove them out, increase air speed before pulling back on the throttle, and fly back for another load. It worked in 1968 at Khe Sanh while we were under fire!

  4. HOW MANY MORE ENTERED ILLEGALLY 1000, 2000, 3000…..

  5. To The Oracle, that “Tent City” is where the active duty military coming in is going to be staying while they are here. It is not for the caravan…

  6. Before any are let loose in this country they should be microchipped like our pets are. Easier to identify.

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