AZ GOP To Conduct Audit Of 2018 General Election

Picture making the rounds on social media of a message purportedly delivered to voters' telephones the weekend before Election Day 2018.

On Thursday, the Arizona Republican Party announced it has secured the services of Phoenix attorney Kory Langhofer’s firm, Statecraft LLC, to perform an audit of Arizona’s 2018 General Election, which has been mired in controversy.

According to the Party’s announcement Statecraft will join Phoenix attorney Stephen Richer in reviewing the actions of the Maricopa County Recorders Office. “Specifically the investigation will research and report on 1) the Recorder’s decision to open emergency voting centers prior to Election Day, 2) Election Day voting procedures and challenges, 3) the ballot counting and results reporting process, and 4) allegations of fraud in the election.”

Critics say the announcement is little more than a publicity stunt to shore up support for AZ GOP chairman Jonathan Lines, who was “AWOL” during much of this election cycle.

The AZGOP claims the “independent audit will analyze the Recorder’s compliance with applicable state and federal law and review all available all documents” and hopefully “produce a fair, factually-based report that will help us better understand what happened in this drawn-out election and address the many concerns of the voters.”

The controversy started before polls even opened. In one bizarre situation, voters were diverted to City Hall to cast their votes after a polling site building had been foreclosed upon and locked-up by authorities the night before.

Fox 10 News reported later in the day, that Fontes admitted that 72 polling places out of 503 were not ready for voters.

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SNAFUs Haunt Maricopa County Recorder, Voters Diverted

Since the election last Tuesday, numerous Arizona voters, who legally cast ballots are claiming their votes were not counted after checking the Recorder’s website.

One group of people, who appeared to have a great deal of help casting their votes were those residents, who are not legal citizens and used the federal form to vote. The federal form does not ask immigration status. However using the form limits registrants to voting only in federal races. Many believe much of those votes may have tipped the results of the U.S. Senate in favor of Rep. Krysten Sinema.

The results of the Sinema/McSally race were especially surprising to politicos given the fact that Governor Doug Ducey easily beat his challenger David Garcia. That race would not have been included on ballots received by federal form registrants.

“Just received this about people who have registered to vote without establishing citizenship,” Arizona State Rep. Kelly Townsend posted on Facebook on Thursday. “In 2015, the number was only 1135, but now the numbers have grown and could significantly impact the outcome of our elections. Here is what the AZSOS emailed in response to my inquiry:

There are approximately 5,300 individuals who have registered through the federal registration form where an ID was established but not citizenship. In addition, there are approximately 7,000 folks whom only completed the federal registration form. Please note that Maricopa County keeps their own voter registration data rolls and the “federal only” rolls are not incorporated state voter registration rolls. *We will not know until December when the histories are completed on the amount of votes that were cast under the bifurcated process (i.e. fed only races).

Further clarification:

Combined total of non-Maricopa federal only registered voters is approximately 12,300.

“The count above does not include Maricopa’s “federal only” voters, as they maintain information in their own voter registration system and is not pushed to the state voter registration system for us to pull data from,” explained Townsend. “Those numbers would have to be obtained directly from Maricopa.”

The emergency voting centers were kept open over the weekend in predominantly democrat neighborhoods, in violation of Arizona law. Sinema’s camp were directing voters to the emergency voting centers. While ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona, the voting centers served as quasi-ballot harvesters.

“I have reached out to Maricopa County to request the number of people registering to vote without proof of citizenship and I was told that I must submit a public records request. Hopefully, they will be expedient in getting me those numbers. My suspicion is that the number is exponentially larger than the 12,300 people registered to vote outside Maricopa County using a federal ballot,” said Townsend. “I believe there should be more transparency for the public in finding out the status of these voters, and I intend to address that and several other election issuers in the next legislative session.”


  1. Wow! This topic hit a it should have..judging by the # of comments above. How about getting back to only voting early, and on election day, but no provisional ballots, etc. If eligible voters can’t get properly vetted and registered , then they can’t vote. All these “alternative” ways to vote is creating these messes.

  2. By all means let’s put an end to voter fraud in Arizona, and eliminate snowbird voting.
    Anyone casting a ballot who is not a year-round resident should have to sign an affidavit at the polls, under penalty of perjury, that they have not cast a ballot in another state.

  3. Obviously, this election is a fraud! Voter without proper ID voted illegally.
    Voting early does no good as you vote is counted after the election is over, unless they need your vote to change the results. There is nothing about “Clean Elections” in Arizona. Now back to media TV news and let them lull back to sleep, until they need you for the next fraud election.

  4. This election was a sham. The GOP’s audit so as to glean information to prevent it from happening in the future is a bunch of BS. This election needs to be voided and a new election needs to be instituted. We as citizens should be demanding this. What the hell is going on in this country?!

  5. Well, maybe the cure for all this disenfranchisement and blatant voter fraud perpetrated upon Republicans by Adrien Fontes’s office is to re-register as an independent but always vote GOP. You don’t owe it to anybody to tell what party you really are. That way, you will know when your Republican vote is not counted BECAUSE you are voting Republican (even though registered as an “independent”). Of course you will have to disclose your party preference for primaries, but not for general elections….unless we can get the open primary rule here.

  6. Well, maybe the cure for voter disenfranchisement and blatant voter fraud perpetrated upon Republicans by Adrien Fontes’s office is to re-register as an independent but always vote GOP. You don’t owe it to anybody to tell what party you really are. That way, you will know when your Republican vote is not counted BECAUSE you are voting Republican (even though registered as an “independent”). Of course you will have to disclose your party preference for primaries, but not for general elections….unless we can get the open primary rule here.

  7. You in AZ have been screwing the rest of us for decades- blaming this person or another the mess is ON YOU- get it together!! Take back your State!!

  8. nothing to see here – anything to game the system, even break election law, b/c as we all know laws don’t apply to the DNC – who do we think we are to hold them to the same standard, or any standard at all

  9. “Count every vote” unless it’s REPUBLICAN votes!

    Fontes’ new “sitebook” check in system was discriminating against registered R voters. Some were told there were NOT REGISTERED!

    Poll workers were doing overrides for voters who could not remember the last four of their SSN????

    Fontes and the dems have new ways to get around our laws. There s is NO WAY LEGAL voters voted for Sinema!!!!

    We need to VOID THIS ELECTION & do a revote without the “federal only “voters’ THEY ARE NOT LEGAL CITIZENS!!!!

  10. Why is the GOP ALWAYS closing these type doors AFTER THE HORSES HAVE LEFT? Remember their three to five year tantrum when they were snookered and allowed a Democrat operative to claim to be an independent so she could be placed on the redistricting committee and thus provide Democrats on the “non-partisan” committee the crucial vote to approve a redistricting map favoring the Democrats after the 2010 census?

  11. The Sinema election was stolen, and is not valid. So what are the republicans going to do about this mess ?

    I checked Pima county and our families votes for McSally still have not been counted, even though signatures were verified. In fact the republican-area east side office has been closed for over a week.

  12. So I Googled “by hook or by crook” and it came back with: phrase of hook by any possible means. “the government intends, by hook or by crook, to hold on to the land”. synonyms: by any means, somehow (or other), no matter how, in one way or another, by fair means or foul. “I’ll get to Hollywood by hook or by crook”.
    Perhaps the Arizona version should read: “I’ll get to Washington DC by hook or by crook”.
    No shock here, libtard’s are hysterically the first to cry fowl and historically the first to cheat.
    According to the ACLU: Voter ID laws deprive many voters of their right to vote, reduce participation, and stand in direct opposition to our country’s trend of including more Americans in the democratic process. Many Americans do not have one of the forms of identification states acceptable for voting. These voters are disproportionately low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Such voters more frequently have difficulty obtaining ID, because they cannot afford or cannot obtain the underlying documents that are a prerequisite to obtaining government-issued photo ID card.
    Apparently the ACLU and the looney left only supports opposition to voter suppression, they could care less that these same people have to present ID to open bank accounts / cash cheeks, drive a car, obtain Rx medication, obtain social benifits, seek medical services at hospitals.
    While this farce argument is entirely driven to promote voter fraud, it proves once again, if it wasn’t for double standards the left would have no standards.

    The Oracle

  13. Got a hot tip for the AZ GOP. The only audit you need to do is know that McSally was bought and paid for by the McCain faction or should I say the McCain GOP in AZ. This dysfunction stems from the arrogant Senator himself, his aids, and the State GOP who is in his back pocket. McSally was never a good candidate to begin with. She had NO position on anything and told the voters what they wanted to hear. Both the candidates running for the senate were pathetic but the voters chose against the establishment RINO and went with the liberal idiot who will be a 6 year embarrassment to the state. Way to go GOP, let the establishment run the election and this is what you got. A democratic far left, progressive liberal in congress. You must be so proud today…… Its time to start to kick asses out of the State leadership and start over with real conservatives.

  14. Republicans have to win by double in order to win. The democrats must lie, steal, and cheat in order to win. Pima County is the best proof.

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