Democrats May Have Gained Power, But They’re Still Out Of Ideas

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Raul Grijalva in Phoenix to bash tax reform package in February 2018.

The Democrat takeover of the House is going to mean little for the American people, because a party that stands for nothing never delivers anything.

Despite winning the House on the back of a historically-average midterm election outcome, just about the only thing Democrats will do with their newfound power is launch investigations into the Trump administration while offering nothing of substance that will improve the lives of everyday Americans.

Indeed, Democrat leaders have already indicated that investigating the President and his top deputies will be among their first priorities come January, guaranteeing that vital congressional committees will be preoccupied with partisan mudslinging rather than considering actual legislation that might benefit America.

If House Democrats decide to launch a series of investigative witch hunts, President Trump has already warned that Senate Republicans will have no choice but to respond in kind, starting an unproductive cycle of congressional gridlock.

An even easier way for Democrats to harass the Trump administration, and one which Democrat leaders like prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have openly mused about, is to exploit the House subpoena power.

“Subpoena power is interesting, to use it or not to use it,” Pelosi mused in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash about how she would deal with the White House as Speaker. “It’s a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects.”

Committee chairs can unilaterally issue subpoenas, meaning extremists like Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, and Jerry Nalder will have free reign to subject Trump administration officials to endless rounds of meaningless testimony and demands for irrelevant documents.

Despite Pelosi’s suggestion that subpoena power might be a negotiating tool, there is virtually no chance of political compromise, because the Democrats’ obstructionist behavior over the past two years has made clear that they have no interest in working with their Republican colleagues.

Congressional Democrats unanimously refused to work with the GOP on cutting taxes for American workers, solving the immigration crisis, or building up our military, and their 2018 campaign platforms contained virtually no substantive or realistic policy proposals to grow our economy, create new jobs, or solve the healthcare crisis.

Instead of proposing ideas that might gain bipartisan traction, many prominent Democrat candidates appealed to the furthest extremes of their base with promises of proposals like “Medicare for All” that will be dead on arrival if they ever reach the Senate, much less the President’s desk.

The best the Democrats can hope for, other than passing purely symbolic legislation that will never see the light of day outside of the House, is to prevent action on any of President Trump’s legislative priorities, such as Tax Cuts 2.0, border wall funding, and common-sense healthcare reform.

The Democrats may have won the House, but that doesn’t mean they get to run the government. Republicans still control the executive branch and the Senate — and President Trump’s two prior Supreme Court nominations mean there is already a solid conservative majority on the high court.

Democrats still stand for nothing, and that’s exactly what Americans are going to get from their new House majority.

Paris Dennard served as the associate director for coalitions at the Republican National Committee from 2009-11 and worked in the President George W. Bush White House.


  1. Doesn’t matter who runs the house, like the democraps with obamantion, Republicans had both houses and did nothing. It was Trump all the way. So nothing changes, its all on Trump to make our country great again.


  3. What did I tell ya. They’d squander their piddly two year term twisting in the wind about how to rid themselves of the Trumpians and do absolutely nothing for the JaCkA$$ es who voted for them, (except, maybe taking all those nice tax breaks away from the little people) thinking, mistakenly, that they were actually going to get some real resolutions out of them. Proves there’s no cure for stupidity.

  4. Great, inciteful article by Mr. Dennard. We are so intimidated by what the Dems will do after they have gained the House. How can this country continue to live in the recklessness the dem party has instituted? We have been embroiled in a far-reaching, ridiculous witch-hunt for two years, with tendrils that reach far beyond the initial inquiry. This country must come together, try to support the president, and bring this country back to sanity. I believe a good health care plan will bring us all together. This should have been a priority since Day 1.

  5. albert one of the few times I agree with what you say, but the r’s are not kissing anyones butt as you would imply. They are luckily following the will of the people who elected him and not the whims of the ‘party leaders’ like peelousey and shummer. Neither of these 2 have offered anything of substance for the people of the USA, only self power endorsements. Peelousey has a history of graft from her last reign in the house, yet she is still there. shummer has not offered anything od substance in the years he has been elected on anything. So yes the democraps have nothing to offer but headlines thanks to the backing/ownership of the msm.

    • I don’t disagree with you, hank, but one correction. Trump was elected by the Electoral College, per our Constitution. His opponent got 3 million more votes from actual voters. No mandate there.

      • yes it was the elctoral vote, BUT do you understand WHY it exists? I do not think so. Someone a long time ago realized that the big areas like the cities will have more people and will be able to decide too many elections at the EXPENSE of trhe people of the COUNTRY itself. Yes 3 million more votes out of the large democrap population centers like la, sf, nyc, cicago etc. Do they represent all of your ideals and wishes for this country albert? They do not represent my values or what I believe is best for everyone. Is trump perfect, NO, but he is a damnsite better than what the alternative was. Just look at the recent results. Were they for the BENEFIT of the people as a whole or for the benefit of the party in general? Yes flyover country is what elected him because of some far forward thinking individuals 200 plus years ago. As has been stated many times here and it seems you do not comprehend, we live in a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY where majority rules! Turn what we have on its head and watch the once great country just fall apart. Clowns like the dems push do not represent the whole country, but just sections where there are large like minded populations. The little people are just that and its interesting that you support the democraps and their self first ideas. Just like here in pima co, the dems rule and the county is a hole of nothing. It has the possibility of being someplace worthwhile, but the party of the left/dems keep it in a subservient stage. Just look at the new highway being shoved up your butt! Its all the left/democraps pushing for self and not the people they supposedly work for. Just like dirty dennis deconcited, he just accidentally BOUGHT all the land where the irrigation canal was to be built. He claims he did not know anything about the track it was to take. You believe that and someone will be willing to sell you ocean front property in yuma.

        So how he won is the will of the PEOPLE in the flyover states, not the mover/shakers of the big population centers. These are the same ones who are shoving the interstate up your butt and you are so happy it seems.

  6. Sad, but all too true. As Mark Twain said: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress…but I repeat myself.” Democrats: “No” is not a program! Republicans: Kissing Trump’s butt is not a program! Independents: Why are we not developing our candidates?

    • Al, why do you need to be so gross? Besides, if anything, Republican butt kissing with respect to Trump is much less compared to the Democrats` butt kissing of Obama and Hillary (sorry folks but that is Al`s imagery, not mine) Have you ever heard of never Trumpers, Al? Have you ever heard A SINGLE Democrat criticize President Obama or Hillary even when they have repeatedly told the same lie?

      • Actually, yes. Sixteen just signed a letter opposing Pelosi as Speaker. But you make a good point, Demoncrats avoid criticizing their president just like Republikooks — don’t want to upset the Man In Charge, forgetting that our Constitution makes three co-equal branches of government. Just look at how McCain and Flake were denounced in the ADI comments for daring to disagree with Trump.

        • McCain and Flank were denounced because they are/were liars and betrayed the very people that voted them in office. Had nothing to do with Trump. They were pieces of crap before Trump ever announced his run for office.

          And for those 16 – they are already feeling the wrath of the liberal fascists.

    • Your version of ‘Independents’ have developed – they’re called communists, spreading misery and poverty far and wide. Perfect example – Tucson and Pima County – the ugliest and one of the poorest in the country, totally run by liberal/progressive/socialist/communists for decades.

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