Isabel Garcia Causes “Ruckus,” Verbally Attacks Border Patrol

Activist Isabel Garcia is not known for keeping a civil tongue, but last week her notorious incivility shocked a seasoned Border Patrol agent and other attendees of the Lonnie Schwartz trial.

Garcia, a vocal critic of law enforcement officers and agencies, caused a “ruckus” in an elevator in the federal courthouse in Tucson. According to a post on the National Border Patrol Council’s Local 2544 (NBPC Local 2544), Garcia claimed the “elevator smelled like sulfur because of Local 2544’s presence.”

“This lady has been a protester against law enforcement,” read the NBPC Local 2544 post, “particularly agents for a long time now. She is another disgruntled human that finds pleasure in seeking revenge at any costs with no morals or interest in justice. Local 2544 is hopeful that the jury is able to see the truth and not be intimidated by these individuals seeking revenge against an innocent agent.”

Few would argue with the group’s assessment of Garcia. Earlier this month, while serving as an appointee of Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias on the County’s Community Law Enforcement Partnership Commission, Garcia argued against allowing Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier to attend the Commission’s meetings. Napier, not known as a border security hawk, is a non-voting member of the Commission. Garcia offered her anti-Napier comments in support of Commission co-chair Zaira Livier Serrato, who claimed Napier made her uncomfortable due to his comments about the need for border security and funds provided through the federal government’s Stonegarden grant.

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According to County records, the Commission “was created on February 20, 2018 as one of five conditions to accept Operation Stonegarden funds for Federal Fiscal Year 2017.” Since then the role of the Commission was broadened.

With the Commission’s support, Pima County supervisors Elias, Sharon Bronson, and Ramon Valadez voted to reject the Stonegarden monies as part of the “Resist Trump Movement.” They rejected the money despite the fact that they all voted to accept the monies during the Obama administration years.

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Zaira Livier Serrato first came into public view for her role in the successful effort to shut down a small Tucson restaurant, Cup It Up. The restaurant came under fire for comments in support of President Trump in a Facebook post.

Surrounding law enforcement agencies were stunned by the rejection. Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb argued that the rejection would have a negative effect on of all of Arizona by creating a “soft zone there for the cartels; for the drugs and the human trafficking to come in.”

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Human trafficking is lucrative for the cartels and the non-profits, who claim to serve the victims.

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In 2011, Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) officials were notified by the U.S. Department of Justice that they must return over $3.5 million the District had illegally funneled to Garcia’s open border organization, Derechos Humanos.

More specifically, funds intended for the most disadvantaged children were being used by radicals to create “community organizers.”

According to an article published in the Arizona Daily Independent in 2014:

Title 1 monies are federal dollars intended for the educational needs of economically disadvantaged students. Most educators regard Title 1 monies as precious and as vulnerable as the intended recipients. At least one TUSD staff member did not share that sentiment and began a scheme that lasted nearly five years.

The scheme was operated out of the Rose Family and Wellness Center. The scheme was described on District materials as, “a grass roots group of community residents who work as promotoras in our community. Derechos Humanos/Immigration issues is one of the target areas of our work. We organize groups to participate in activities to strengthen our Latino voice, involvement and education.” At the time they claimed that more than “150 women have undergone training to participate in the program.”

The scheme began to unravel in August 2010 when the Arizona Department of Education received information from a citizen in the District. The concerned citizen “questioned whether the use of Title 1 funds was allowable for the Promotoras program” at TUSD. The ADE determined that the citizen’s concerns had merit, and an investigation began.

On September 16, Robert Ross, legal counsel for TUSD released a statement saying that the District had “taken steps to end its support of an adult-education program connected with “Promotoras del Barrio,” after identifying disallowable uses of federal Title I funds. Over time, the Promotoras del Barrio activities expanded from literacy programs into tuition for areas not covered by Title I expenses such as health, human, and social services.”

The statement concluded: “In August 2009, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lupita Garcia identified this shift in focus, halted funding of the adult education program, and subsequently initiated a months-long investigation into the Promotoras program’s operations and financing. In December 2009, Rosalva Bullock, the employee who administered the program, requested and was granted a district-approved leave. TUSD received notice of the disallowance and demand for return of monies on June 8, 2011.”

Rosalva Bullock has been a recent political appointee of Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias to the Pima County Outside Agency Community Advisory Committee.

As noted in the NBPC’s Facebook post, former Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Schwartz’s case is now in the hands of a jury. In April 2018, Swartz was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, age 16, of Mexico. That jury was unable to reach a verdict on lesser charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.

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  1. You must be quite accomplished at rock catching to state they are not deadly. Maybe you can take a ride with the BP and test out your theory and skills.

  2. I always tell people to stand over in the field while I throw rocks at them. When they believe they are in danger of serious bodily harm they can shoot me with the airsoft. No one holds out very long as I begin to hit them with larger and larger rocks.

    The 16 year old was a lethal force threat and got shot. Mexico as usual screwed up the crime scene and then said, look a homicide.

  3. Not only did we film Garcia’s insanity at Barnes & Noble where she led a parade of ignorant followers dangling the papier-mache head of Sheriff Joe Arpio, we spent a hour interviewing her at her downtown Tucson office. Make no mistake…this woman hates white people and despises our country. There is no doubt she is the Queen of Reconquista here in AZ.

  4. “This lady has been a protester against law enforcement,” read the NBPC Local 2544 post.

    Lady? Wow, that’s as generous as when police on camera refer to a total scumwad as a “gentleman.” Let’s call turds for what they are…. turds. And…. by the way… the weapon of choice among Palestinians for creating a scene in a mob is…… a rock and the Israelis don’t put up with it. And for those who think a rock ISN’T a weapon… the popular Muslim practice of stoning someone is meant to kill the victim.

  5. The whole country is a soft zone for the cartels, due to the drug wars. The people of arizona tried to stop the drug war here by legalizing all drugs in 1996, but the AZ legislature overturned the will of the people in that election.

    (in 1996, 65% of Arizona voters approved Proposition 200, a drug policy reform initiative)

    After that the people passed a provision that does not allow the legislature to do overturning of voter initiatives anymore.

    However lately, AZ legislature made it much more difficult to add initiatives for a vote anymore.

  6. Yes, she did work in the Pima County public defenders office, as the chief public defender. So she has way more corruption info than the rest of us.

  7. Odd how the Nationalism gives rise to lowering those not of their fold being of less worth.
    Yes let us do as Israel, that hides its aparthied actions behind religion and Nationalism, and shoot the prisoners nehind their walls for daring to throw rocks at them.
    While I admit the Mexicans have. less presnt day reasons for aggresive anti US, they do know of US theft of lands, and support of Mexicos ruling elite.
    From the invasion and conquering by Mexico proper by US Armies of past to exploitation of resources in hands of elite and outflow of riches into US.
    The lowering of human most debaseing acts of murder has more a part of allowable abuses now ongoing in US’s child seperation program towards immigrants, and its mass murders perpretated on foreign lands, and it comes from bigotry,and fear from lack of creature comforts in the future.

  8. The present US immigrant problem, as is Europes, is of own peoples making and of many root causes with no simple or single answer.
    Th ose of primarily white of skin, if taken as a whole, were the truly first worldwide rulers, and their acendency was done in a manner of historicly primitive barbarism no different than that of the peoples whose lands, that once they became militarily
    powerfull enough they entered and it is a history of bloody rapine, slaughter and exploitation.
    Today outside of Europe there is but three nations who remain sole inheritors and deciders of their National Borders, US, Russia and China, with all others being defined by them and a loose confederation of Eurocentric agreements.
    There is one other, Great Britain that found a political economic way to eliminate, hide borders by incorporating a Commonwealth of Nation Empire that is far larger than all Europe land and populations of Europe and US combined.
    That is not to say their tactics used to form a Commonwealth were not as barrbaric in means of establishment. just that they refined the means of retaining their power faster than other powers, outside of China proper in which they and US to this day still have footholds.
    Somethings just to add some perspective as to why we of Eurocentric origins are facing a not yet massive wave but a future groundswell that will make todays numbers look tiny by comparisons.

  9. Maybe the boy who was shot was a bystander, but if a people have any brains they shouldn’t be throwing rocks at people who have guns, or hang around with rock throwers. Schwartz should be acquitted. The courts should tell the parents to go pound sand. Local 2544 should sue Garcia for defamation.

  10. For God’s sake a human life was taken it was a child 16 years of age,Justice must prevail,or the person has to be white for some of you to care? Is time to stop the rampant killings of Hispanics and blacks by our public law enforcement.

    • The 16 y/o was no child, someones child? yes. Do you think 16 y/o’s can’t kill too ?. Read the papers and you’ll read about 16 y/o boys killing all the time. He had no business throwing rocks at Border Patrol officers. Ever read about “stoning”? Rocks can kill. He should have been in school or working. Instead he got into a bad crowd and threw rocks at people.
      You think BP officers are robots? They are husbands and fathers, some ones brother and he’s someones child too.
      Look I am not being callous intentionally,but when you place yourself in doing something Wrong, expect severe consequences. Should the officer have fired his gun? I don’t know I wasn’t there.
      As for rampant killing of Hispanics. Statistics show that in 2017 457 whites were killed by an officer and 179 Hispanics were killed. So far in 2018 318 whites were shot versus 109 Hispanics. Just about the same for Blacks. Whites were killed in far greater numbers for both years than persons of color.
      Before you go accusing, read, it helps to know what your talking about. You have to understand that the media likes to report killings of persons of color than whites, they like to exaggerate the incidents of color for their manipulation of the populace for their own gain. For sales, for political reasons and for perverse interests of their own.
      I feel bad for the parents of this young boy but they must understand that their child was out doing wrong. I told my kids from an early age how to behave when around police, because police don’t always know when some young man may pull a gun or knife on them, I know because my brother was a police officer here in Tucson for 30 yrs, yes he is someones brother,and a husband and father too.

  11. “TUSD received notice of the disallowance and demand for return of monies on June 8, 2011.”

    Has the money been paid back?

    Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if the NRA received one penny of tax dollars?

  12. Yes she is the luv bird of the SW. People with no minds to think with can tell she is in cahoots with them and conveniently forget that she supported the decapitation protest of sheriff arpio a couple of years back and was under investigation for being corrupt then. Using taxpayer funds to support her protest activities by being away from whatever position she held while protesting. But never fear albert and crew will always place her on a pedestal and tell folks she is just sweet and kind to all the little urchins that she keeps in the dark to meet the agenda of whatever group she is participating with on any day.

  13. Worked many years in Central America. The assertion that there is no hope of an education is bs. As for Dreamers wanting a College education? There are over 1600 fully accredited Colleges and Universities in Mexico.

  14. “Garcia claimed the ‘elevator smelled like sulfur because of Local 2544’s presence.’”

    Some ruckus. Must be a slow news day. But it does divert attention from the dead 16-year old.

  15. Get you kid out of TUSD asap. Who is paying the bills & salaries of this group? Dig down the hole and I’ll bet Soros has something to do with it Open Borders for Everyone.
    Then there’s the Sheriff who certainly doesn’t want a wall. Get him outta there.

  16. God, I just love it when the liberal idiots open their mouths and spew wheir garbage in support of the “best and brightest” that only want a hand out and sneak into our country. The being no skills, no eduation only an open hand to put our money in. They quickly settle in their little barrios and make them a thrid world countrty too. Don’t you just love it…..

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