Zinke Fires Off Sharp Tweet After Grijalva Calls For Resignation

The Interior Department’s inspector general opened an investigation a month ago into Zinke’s land dealings in his home state of Montana – what Grijalva said was at least 17th investigation into Zinke since he was named secretary last year.

The probe focuses on whether Zinke used his position as secretary to increase the value of land his family owns in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana, by dealing with local developers and officials at Halliburton, an oil contractor.

Other investigations of Zinke have looked into whether he ordered climate change reports censored by the department, reports that the agency would spend $139,000 on three set of office doors and whether he was inappropriately promoting Make America Great Again socks.

Zinke has also been accused of using taxpayer dollars to fund trips on private jets, taking inappropriate amounts of leave and providing government perks to his wife.

The negative publicity may have attracted the attention of the White House, with published reports indicating that Zinke is among a hanful of Cabinet secretaries the president is eyeing for replacement.

In his editorial, Grijalva said Zinke has not answered to any of the scandals, and “this silence is insulting to the American people.” He said stepping down to allow for some damage control is the least Zinke could do.

Grijalva also criticized Zinke’s management of the department, which has included the downsizing of national monuments like Bears Ears and plans to cut “thousands” of permanent positions, among other changes.

Grijlava said a resignation would not get rid of the philosophy that permeates the department, but he still thinks it is important for the Natural Resources Committee to take a stand.

“This is, I think, an alert to the Interior that we’re going to hold them accountable regardless,” Grijalva said late Friday morning. “We’re going to question that philosophy.”

When contacted for comment, an Interior spokeswoman said only that “The Secretary’s statement speaks for itself.”

Other members of Congress rushed to Grijalva’s defense, including Rep. Ted Lieu, D-California and Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-New York, who joined in the call for Zinke’s resignation.

Grijalva said Zinke’s tweet appeared to be aimed at deflecting serious policy issues with personal attacks.

“The American people know who I’m here to serve, and they know in whose interests I’m acting,” Grijalva said in a statement Friday. “They don’t know the same about Secretary Zinke.”


  1. Haha, crooked greedy immoral commie greedy javalina calling the kettle black

    Like cankles Clinton asking trump if he would conceed before the election was over and 2 years later she hasn’t conceeded yet haha

  2. And yet this swine insults everyone just by being. Thank you morons for voting this buttwipe in for yet another agonizing term. Go have another drink!

  3. The nicest thing I can say is Grijalva is a pathetic human being. Alcoholism brings out the very worst in people. Couple that with the megalomania that comes with being a career politician and you have a real mess. Term Limits.

  4. Sure, a drunk is going to be held accountable in d.c. Thats when the merry go round stops. In the 20 years that greedy has been there cant remember 1 thing he has done for the USA or anyone else. Right now they have a good target rich environment to lay claim to all kind of things. Yet when bho was there you never heard a word. Now that the economy and stuff is up it time I guess for the turds (all of them) to start out gassing since their beloved one FAILED and the ‘change america’ program is on its ass. Too bad they only care for self and thats it, this country USED to be the one they represent, now its party only. Pretty much like the socialist institutions they hold so dear.

  5. Well said, Zinke. Too bad he owns Tucson, Pima County and the majority of elected political offices from County Supervisors to TUSD Board. YUCK!

  6. This is really rich, the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.
    Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recall that when it comes to “well documented” controversy and morally bankrupt piss poor behavior, the all too often constantly drunken tax dollar addicted parasitic Rep. Raùl Graftjalva (D) Mexico, is the standard bearer.
    While it is often with great difficulty to distinguish which hole Rãul is talking out of anytime he generates noise, if the man were remotely interested in upholding his oath of office to thebenifit of the nation, he’d immediately commit suicide.
    IMHO: No greater example of double standards will ever exist then for the open fly drunken pig Rãul to question or attack anyone over scandal.

    The Oracle

  7. No matter what Zinke may have or have not done, it pales in comparison to what the fat, lying toad has done in his lifetime to the good people of southern AZ. Open borders, crappy schools, all Mexico all the time. And yet, the people keep electing that fat piece of garbage which is totally beyond my comprehension. Just one more waste in the swamp. Have anoher shot, Raul……

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