Westbound I-10 Near Eloy Moving To New Lanes

A wider stretch of Interstate 10 near Eloy will open up for westbound traffic on Thursday, Dec. 6. The new westbound lanes run east of the current alignment starting near milepost 213 and reconnect with the existing lanes of I-10 near milepost 209.

Eastbound lanes will remain unchanged for about a month and then switch to the new pavement, with this temporary configuration offering two travel lanes in each direction.

The project includes widening I-10 to three lanes in each direction, building a new interchange with State Route 87 and creating a dust detection and warning system.

Another project is currently widening I-10 to three lanes in each direction between Earley Road and Interstate 8 in Casa Grande.

When both projects are scheduled for completion by late summer 2019, I-10 will have three lanes in each direction between Tucson and State Route 387 in Casa Grande.

After eastbound traffic is moved to the new pavement near Eloy, crews will demolish the current travel lanes of I-10 and build new eastbound lanes.

The dust detection system will include short- and long-range radar to identify dust storms approaching I-10 and blowing dust along the travel lanes, variable speed limits to slow drivers in dangerous conditions, electronic message boards to inform drivers about the road ahead and closed-circuit cameras to assist ADOT in managing traffic in the area.