Pima County Voters Speak, Anyone Getting The Message?

The statistics are in:  The 2018 election was the highest turnout on record for a mid-term vote, with seventy-one (71%) percent of eligible voters marking their ballots.  Some eighty (80%) percent did so with Early Ballots. 

Officially,fifty-six (56%) percent voted No on Huckelberry’s Proposition 463, Road Bonds,while less than forty-four (44%) voted Yes. Sounds like a strong vote of No Confidence in the Pima County crony power structure.  Sounds like voters a retired of lies.  Is anybody listening?

While the County Establishment may ignore the new reality, the rest of us betterstart developing our candidates for the 2020 Board of Supervisor selection.  A winning combination might bea team with a candidate each from the Republicans, Democrats, Greens and Libertarians  — one unity candidate per district —  a Green Tea Coalition to support Supervisor Ally Miller in her efforts to get both transparency and accountability from the BOS and their hired gun.

While some ADI commenters will just repeat their mantra that it’s all hopeless, that the voters are dumb, that woe is us, what the voters have clearly said is that this is the moment to set aside business as usual, that we can work together around a common cause and leave the partisan bickering for later. 

The decision we all need to make, and soon, is whether we just want to keep on bitching and moaning or do we want to try something that might just work?  Time to set ego and ideology aside and work together.  It can be done.  It has been done before.  Green Tea Coalitions are working in Georgia and Florida.  We can do it!  It won’t be easy, it will take a lot of work,and we have to start now.

See Huckelberry December 10 memo to BOS re voter turnout here: http://webcms.pima.gov/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6/File/Government/Administration/CHHmemosFor%20Web/2018/December/2018%20General%20Election%20Statistics.pdf


  1. The voters have spoken, and I hope our local politicians listen! The voters most recently spoke and said they don’t want the roads fixed. I’m ok with that, let’s keep the roads as they are, as the voters want!

  2. Agree completely. Look what happened to Huckleberry’s crony Shatish!! Now, let’s actually do something this time.

  3. Simply put, no they are not getting the message. The BOS (except Ally) and Huckster do not care, and do not care to listen, because they are sure of being re-elected time after time. Thanks to our uninformed voters who will vote for their candidate based on sir name only, we will be stuck with these losers for years to come. Sorry if I offended anyone, but the facts are the facts! Let’s just hope that Isabel Garcia doesn’t decide to run for BOS.

  4. Target: Huckelberry. There’s got to be some way we the voters can put pressure on the elected officials to terminate that miserable unelected bureaucrat; the alternative for them, then, would become replacement in 2020 by a motivated number of voters. Play up the environmental disaster that would be the Chuckelberry Highway in Avra Valley. Play up the extra pollution from spending more time on roads that would flow more efficiently if we spent our HURF funds on them. Play up whatever it takes to get the complacent lefties in this town to recall the cabal they’ve continually reelected. It can be done.

  5. Diversity of ideas is more important than diversity if skin color or genatillia.

    And Supervisors who work for us and not the Chuck, is important also.

  6. Sry, but the AZGOP is just going to push a bunch of Democrats to run against the Democrat party.

    Exhibit A: Steve Christy

  7. Good luck, you will need it. The cronies have boatloads of your money and will spend it to keep the idiots in office and the spigot to the public till open.

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