AZ GOP Members Called On To Elect New State Leadership

Any organization whether a club, social group, company, corporation or political party is only as strong as its support at the base of the pyramid.  A company may be formed to cook the best hamburger In the world. However, if the employees hired to prepare that gastronomical delight are unfriendly, unclean, or fail to follow proper procedures in the preparation, presentation and service of the burger then that  company is doomed to failure. On the other hand, it the company has the best employees in the world, but the leadership at the top either cannot or will not take steps to support the base, then again that company is doomed to failure.

A political party that refuses to recognize that the strength of the party lies in their base is doomed to suffer losses in elections. The base in this case is the Precinct Committeewoman or Committeeman. They are the ones that get out and walk streets to keep voters informed and urge them to get out and vote. When leadership fails or refuses to recognize and support the base they will fail to get the best efforts from Precinct Committeewoman or Committeeman. When leadership strives to elect PC’s who will never attend a meeting or perform any party duty then they dilute the efforts of those PC’s that are committed to hard work. When the only purpose of a PC is to provide a proxy to vote then you insult those that are diligent and hard working.

We have now arrived at the point where we are being called upon to elect new state leadership and in some instances county leadership. As PC’s or State Committeemen and Committeewomen we can now make our voices heard. We must make hard intelligent choices.  There are three people vying for state office, Jonathan Lines, our current fearless leader, Dr. Kelli Ward and Frank Thorwald. With Jonathan Lines, he has had two years to prove to us what he is capable of doing. We have to pay strict attention to what the others are saying they will or hope to accomplish. If they will not provide the base with the support needed, then why vote for them? If they will not support you as a PC, why support them?

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Mr. Dicksion is a member of the Marciopa County and Arizona Republican Party.