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AZ Republic: homeless vagrant on borrowed time

A common New Year resolution for many is to slim down. The Arizona Republic is taking that to the next level. It’s not simply depriving itself of extra calories. It’s becoming an emaciated homeless vagrant.

The 10-story building and parking garage the Republic once called home has sold for a reported $38 million. The plan is for the company to lease back space from ViaWest, the Phoenix-based real estate company that purchased the newspaper’s properties.

Subscriptions have continued to plummet and Gannett shares have followed suit….

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  1. Outside of those employed by the Arizona Republic, no one really cares that this once great paper, a valued community resource was hijacked by leftest leaning intellectuals who felt obligated to tell people what to think Vs. just reporting the factual news.
    The cost professional bankruptcy is clear for all to see. Journalist once had standards, great papers once had respect. Sadly those days are long gone. Squandered by those who felt obligated to interrupt thenews for you. Sadly partisanship meant more to these leftest hacks in print then the reality of employment. It’s simply cause and effect. Lies, omissions and half truths are just not news worthy, sadly only the AZ Republics staff failed to comprehend this harsh reality.
    I remember back in the day when the Arizona Republic was the statewide trusted source of the morning / overnight news, while the Phoenix Gazette filled the days news with equal value. Now sadly even thier building isn’t worth what it once was.
    The demise of the media titans cannot be blamed solely on access to the electronic media, but it can be blamed squarely on access to other sources of trusted news which made biased news completely irrelevant no matter it’s medium of delivery.

    The Oracle

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