The So-called Government Shutdown

On Wednesday, Pelosi sent a letter to President Trump requesting that postpone his State of the Union address.

What do we know about the current government shutdown?

First, President Trump wants $5.7 billion for a border wall that the American people elected him to build.  In response, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats demanded that government be reopened before they would “resolve differences” with the president.

But Democrats again, on January 15th, refused to meet with the president over lunch. In effect, their refusal to compromise means they are using the government workers as negotiating pawns. This, despite the fact that President Trump has a proposal that adds technology at ports of entry and physical barriers between ports of entry made of steel instead of concrete. Clearly, Democrats are prolonging the government shutdown.

If the government shutdown were to be resolved before President Trump receives $5.7 billion, there would be no incentive for the Democrats to compromise. Former Border Patrol Chief in the Obama administration, Mark Morgan, in supporting the president, stated, “I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing. The wall works.”

Remember the agreement between Ronald Reagan and Democrats. Reagan approved amnesty if the Democrats promised increased control and security on the border. The agreement was known as the Simpson-Mazzoli Act. The promised enforcement did not occur. The Democrats lied. The ends justify the means for the radical left.

A Politico and Morning Consult poll found that 42 percent of those polled agree with President Trump that the border is in crisis. Another 37 percent believe that there is a problem at the border. This means that 79% of those polled believe the border situation is a serious issue. Only 12 percent of those polled believe that the border is neither a crisis nor a problem.

President Trump stayed in Washington, D.C., available to negotiate a deal with Pelosi and Schumer. Schumer was not available and Pelosi vacationed at a swank Hawaiian resort at a reported $900 per night. Meanwhile, the furloughed government employees were left in limbo by the Democrat leaders. In effect, Pelosi and Schumer were using furloughed government employees in a cynical ploy to deny Trump a campaign promise to the American people.

Over the next ten years, according to the Washington Times, the United States will spend $53.128 trillion on its annual budgets. The proposed cost of the border wall is .0338 percent of the $53.128 trillion, or about $18 billion. In comparison, the cost of the border wall is 2.7 percent of the money the federal government will spend on food stamp program: $18 billion vs. $679 billion.

Schumer wants to deploy more advanced technology along the border. Pelosi calls the border wall immoral, an irrational position in the face of illegal immigration in this country. General Anthony Tata agrees with Trump: (1) a border wall is needed and (2) all the technology in the world will not stop illegal immigrants. As a commander in operational zones in Kosovo and Afghanistan, General Tata had thousands of troops and the latest technology deployed along the borders with Macedonia and Pakistan. Despite the best soldiers and the most advanced technology, he still could not completely stop enemy infiltration.

General Tata disproves the moronic comments of Pelosi and Schumer. In fact, General Tata wrote that, “President Trump’s foreign policy accomplishments are staggering in their success and demonstrate an evolving set of principles upon which the president is acting.” The U.S. economy is remarkably strong: we have full employment, seven million more jobs than workers, very low inflation, three percent plus economic growth, and for the first time, we are a net oil exporter. All Pelosi, Schumer and other Democrat operatives can do is whine that Trump is having another temper tantrum, a patently false explanation.

In reality, it is Pelosi, Schumer,, who are still angry at losing the 2016 election.

It is Pelosi, Schumer, et. al., who are embarrassed at their poor performances in comparison to Trump’s successes. Trump has accomplished more in two years as president than Barack Obama accomplished in eight years. Under Obama, the United States lost 219, 000 manufacturing jobs.  In Trump’s two years, the country added 477,000 manufacturing jobs. It is Pelosi, Schumer,, who are acting like petulant children. They refuse to act like responsible adults.

Ironically, the Democrats are showing how hypocritical they are. The Democrats voted for 350 miles of border wall in 2013. What’s different now? The Democrats don’t want to give Trump a policy win that he can use in his re-election. Democrats are willing to betray the American people and weaken America’s national security based on a petty political ploy.

In addition to forsaking the furloughed government employees, the Democrats are denying food stamp payments to millions of low income Americans. Everything the Democrats are doing to prevent wall funding, forcing government employee furloughs, cutting food stamp payments, is wrong. President Trump is on the right side of the border wall issue. Democrats will ultimately pay a steep price in 2020 for their treachery against the American people.


  1. Let’s not forget that Nancy and all the other whiners in the House got THEIR pay and some wanted to take a few little junkets at taxpayer expense to promote themselves in other countries.
    Trump has made numerous attempts to appease their self-important, self-interested flip-flopping on the border issue, spitting on his offers.
    Truth: They don’t WANT any solutions to the border problem; in fact, have rejected every single one he has offered, even though he gave them more than they had asked for. They want to keep it as a hot-button issue and bleed it for all it’s worth into 2020, erroneously believing that we voters won’t remember in November who it was that refused to offer any other solutions, but stalemated the ones offered.
    Don’t let Nasty Nancy have the last word in this! She and her flying monkey hoard of vile servants need to be doused with some cold water.

  2. Trying to abolish the electoral college is the leftist democrats – but then I repeat myself- next tactic in order to take this country down. The party that wants & favors open borders is counting on the free stuff for votes. Wish Albert & Co. would take a class from Jeff Utech on the Constitution and recognize how brilliant our Founding Fathers were. I can always hope.

  3. Well on the news tonight they are whining about the president cancelling the use of a military aircraft to carry the democraps overseas! He said their place of DUTY is here not there and if they really want to go they can BUY their own COMMERCIAL tickets to do so. This what is needed and the public needs to hear this all the time so they can see that the democraps only think of themselves and not the little people. They need to get together fund the spending of LESS than 1$ of the fed budget and build the damn thing. They approved it for bho who did nothing with it and now its ‘immoral’ to build or support. But folks like albert can only carp about the president instead of getting on the democraps for FAILING to do their jobs.

  4. Yes they will. All those seats gained will be lost. Pelosi will not be allowed to hold us hostage again.

  5. I agree, just look locally at the democraps. Do nothing yet are elected/reelected continuously and they cant blame local problems on the r’s because there really is no repub opposition in the area/state. Thats why they hsve to throw stones at the president and the national republicans. Never hear a peep out of them about the elected drunken toad do ya. Only time ya hear from him is when they wake him up and prod him to slam the prsident and other national figures. They then let him fall back asleep until it election time then once again you hear nothing from him!

  6. “First, President Trump wants $5.7 billion for a border wall that the American people elected him to build.” Once again, Mr. B, start from a wrong premise and what follows is going to also be wrong. Perhaps the Electoral College elected him to build a wall, but the “American people” did not. His opponent received several million more votes from the American people. No mandate there.

    Meanwhile the government shutdown, which the Cheeto-in-chief triggered and claimed ownership of, is poised to wreck his economic progress and has screwed up the lives of hundreds of thousands of families, forcing many into virtual slavery. The GOP has refused to bring House-passed legislation to put people back to work even for a vote. Undemocratic and, frankly, un-American.

    And to clarify — I’m registered Independent and did not vote for either of the major candidates, so don’t bother tagging me with the usual Party Line rants. And the Electoral College is what the Constitution provides, and I’m a believer in following the rules — which also provide for ways to correct electoral mistakes. MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

    • Albert Lannon, GOOD FOR YOU! If you, like me, did not vote for either of the two old corrupt parties, GOOD FOR YOU!
      Will you join in the campaign to get Arizona to allow all the new parties and independent candidates onto the ballot?
      And will you join in asking the legislature to add Ranked Choice or Instant Runoff voting to the ballots?
      Arizonans and United Statesians generally need to demand Ranked Choice or Instant Runoff voting. This having to choose an alleged “lesser evil” is very much why our governments and our elected officials are so poor (though not financially) and so corrupt.
      Thank you, Albert Lannon!

    • Albert Lannon, you’re none too bright. The way our electoral system works, the people DID elect Mr.Trump. On account of the WAY THE PEOPLE VOTED, Mr. Trump won more than enough electoral votes to win the election. That’s how electing a president works here in the United States. Stop trying to split hairs, sore loser. Grow up, put on your big boy panties and accept that a candidate you don’t care for WON. Stop your discordant whining. And then, MOVE ON. You know, like an ADULT would.

  7. One only needs to understand basic math to see the clarity of the Democratic fight against the wall. Simply put, open borders equals greater political power. This has become the latest tactic of ballot box cheating and the left refuses to yeild its activities, to do so would end the lie and the stolen mantle of control.
    Open borders means a never ending wave of criminal aliens, and of course criminal aliens are “encouraged” to be counted in the census every ten years. As a result based on current figures for every 700k in population a district gets a congressional seat. So Democratic strongholds are doing everything they can to become sanctuary cities or like Tucson, a welcoming city.
    So based on available figures, California alone has (+/-) five stolen US House seats based solely on its criminal alien non citizen population. A population that can only continue to grow with the unchecked “importation” of more aliens / residents via an open border thereby further increasing the number of stolen house seats.
    The impact of a bloated censuses also ensures additional monies flow into sanctuary cities and states which motivates even further cheating.
    Who needs to openly rig elections when you quietly and covertly rig representation and funding by harvesting bloated census numbers? Nanny Pelosi will never fund the wall. With the wall, the dems risk losing future power without the continual inflex of an increased population, both legal and illegall. They are simply scaming the system to greater political gain. They are openly stealing our country away from our children.
    Pelosi and Schumer are little more then capos running an organized crime syndicate. I wonder who the real Don is? Who’s puppet master pulling the strings of these two idiots?
    If you think dems object to the wall, try passing federal legislation that only lawful citizens be counted in the next census and watch the fur fly.
    We need to reclaim our country back from the lying and cheating left, obviously their hate of Trump and anti American agenda is only superceed by their love of political power.

    The Oracle

  8. One definite disagreement: “Democrats will ultimately pay a steep price in 2020 for their treachery against the American people.”
    For that to be true, United Statesians would have to be informed properly that the Democrats are responsible.
    It won’t happen.
    Remember: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and PBS are also Democrats. And for doggone sure they will not be telling us the truth.

    • Add Blumberg to the list of media platforms using every opportunity to undermine our president. They recently editorialized on the shining leadership abilities of Nancy Pelosi, if you can believe such outrageous nonsense, and had been berating Trump for weeks for criticizing the Fed Chairman. However that all changed when virtually the entire investment community and business media agreed that the Fed chair`s policies are responsible for an almost unprecedented recent stock market volatility and Blumberg had to do an about face to adopt Trump`s position of criticizing the Fed over its aggressive interest rate increases. Of course, Blumberg never corrected the record. Blumberg is only A SINGLE MEDIA OUTLET, and boasts it has 2,700 “journalists” in 120 countries. There are hundreds if not thousands of similar politicized media platforms around the world as well as here in America in addition to Blumberg and the ones named above by Morrison which have been shown to be working assiduously to undermine our President and those numbers indicates the magnitude of the problem we have as a democracy.

      • Luke Abrams, if the “news” media didn’t have a double standard, they
        wouldn’t have a standard at all.

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