TUSD struggles to get the basics right

TUCSON — Try as they might, the Tucson Unified School District administration continues to struggle to get even the basics down.

On Tuesday, that struggle came into sharp focus during Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo’s Diversity Initative (sic) presentation to the Governing Board.

The unfortunate misspelling amused some and confirmed for others that Trujillo is not ready for prime-time.

While the misspelling was amusing, the issue of the district’s desegregation lawsuit, which is at the core of the “Diversity Initiative,” is serious.

Although the federal court judge overseeing the 30-plus-years desegregation case  found that the district has fulfilled some aspects of the Unitary Status Plan (USP), he opted to maintain jurisdiction over the entire  plan until the district has met all required stipulations.

“The missing I from yesterday’s presentation brings attention to the importance of details in the deseg process,” said Governing Board member Rachael Sedgwick. “Going forward, I trust the admin will be very careful to dot their I’s and cross their Ts, in every action they take.”