Cindy McCain Forced To Apologize For False Claim Of Human Trafficking At Sky Harbor

Cindy McCain was forced to apologize for a false claim she made about stopping child trafficking at Sky Harbor Airport.

McCain claimed in an interview on KTAR that last week, she saved a child from being trafficked after she reported seeing a child with a woman at the airport and “something didn’t look right.”

According to KTAR, “Phoenix Police Sgt. Armando Carbajal told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Wednesday that they conducted a welfare check on a child at the airport Thursday at McCain’s request.”

Sgt. Carbajal told KTAR that “officers determined there was no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment.”


  1. Monday she did a local KGUN interview and claimed the same thing at an In N Out restaurant. What is wrong Cindy?

  2. Cindi thinks that if all her Democrat friends (The only kind she has besides Ducey and Flake! Well, SHE believes they`re Repubs!) can make up stuff for self-glorification and the meida will cover for her, why shouldn`t she?

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