The dangerous ignorance of the Green New Deal


The energy portion of the utopian “Green New Deal” would require the U.S. to shift to 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Such a proposal shows a profound and dangerous ignorance of how things work. Let’s examine just one aspect of this.

Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts is quoted as saying: “Our energy future will not be found in the dark of a mine but in the light of the sun.”

Some simple questions for you Ed: Where will we get all the materials needed to construct the solar panels and wind turbines? Might they have to be mined? Might the metals and other materials used to build the equipment to manufacture the solar panels and wind turbines have to be mined?

Might the copper for distribution lines have to be mined? By the way, electric cars use five times more copper than traditional fossil-fuel powered cars.

Manufacture of solar panels and wind turbines require mining minerals that currently are unavailable in the quantities required for this transition to 100% renewable energy. The U.S. is 100% dependent on imports from China, Russia and other countries of rare-earth elements used in the manufacture of solar panels and wind turbines. (Note: many of these elements do occur in the western states of the U.S. on federal land, but environmentalists and federal regulations prevent mining.)

Solar and wind are not as “green” as advertised.

For instance:

Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear power plants. (Source) PV solar panels rely on polysilicon being manufactured in large quantities and at high quality. A byproduct of polysilicon production is silicon tetrachloride, a highly toxic substance that poses a major environmental hazard.

Wherever silicon tetrachloride is dumped, the land becomes totally infertile. A major environmental cost of photovoltaic solar energy is toxic chemical pollution (arsenic, gallium, and cadmium) and energy consumption associated with the large-scale manufacture of photovoltaic panels. Nitrogen trifluoride, used in the manufacturing of solar panels, is a powerful greenhouse gas with a “global warming potential” of 17,200 times that of carbon dioxide. (Source)

Wind turbines chop up birds and bats and also affect human health due to the low frequency vibration.

Both utility-scale solar and wind installations use much more land than do similar capacity fossil-fuel generation stations, and thereby degrade the local environment.

The utopian “Green New Deal” if implemented, may become the dystopian green deal.

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  1. All I’m hearing from you conservatives is complaining about the green new deal and everything you think is ~wrong~ with it. Excuses like “well, it’s going to be bad either way so we might as well not even try.” Excuse me! How about instead of literally crapping on every idea to mitigate human impact on this planet you offer some solutions of your own!

    • Come up with something that might actually work and we conservatives will be all over it. It’s the stupid, unworkable, horribly expensive ideas we have a problem with.

    • Deanna
      Time to Walk the Talk. Mitigate your impact. Stop using your car, computer, refrigerator, cell phone, and air travel. They all took fossil fuels and mining resources.

  2. Albert Lannon makes one very good point that needs reiterating: “We don’t know everything.”
    And that is exactly why central planning does not work, can not work, and never has worked.
    Hundreds, thousands, even millions of individual plans can and do work. If people want to put solar panels on their roofs, they should be allowed, maybe even encouraged, though not so much if they are buying that garbage from China which is reported to fail and cause problems in the landfills.
    But in places like Southeastern Arizona, a combination of wind and solar energy can help — or could help if the initial costs were not so prohibitive.
    And why did the costs of those “alternative” energy sources soar? Because of government involvement. Of course.
    When self-styled socialists announce they are so much smarter than we proles, plebes, and peons, and therefore they should be our masters, just prepare yourself for everything costing even more.
    And being far more inefficient.

  3. Love the Picture. Makes ya think though that all those standing with AOC have to be dumber than she obviously is! Run Alexaandria, run!

  4. Slow down folks! Try reading the actual resolution, which the Dimocrat leadership is killing. It recognizes that we don’t know everything, that it will take deep planning and adjustments and, yes, use of fossil fuels. It is a prudent first step towards a plan that might actually work and save the planet. To gather facts and studies and begin to design a 10-year plan. Maybe they’ll even invite Jonathan.

  5. SSDD in the land of the lost. These people don’t have a clue. All they have is stupidity and a heard mentality. Don’t even have the ability to think for themselves. How sad but then liberalism is a disease and this country is heavily infected and just might die because of idiots like this and the stupid voters that put them in office. Thanks to all the idiots that voted for this disease.

  6. Solar panels won’t work with a foot of snow on them. Windmills won’t produce electricity when the wind is not blowing. Furnaces use gas or oil. Can’t use those. Stoves are gas or electric. Can’t use those either. Can’t burn wood cause it produces CO2. How will we survive?

  7. Do you really think that they can hear you and understand what you are saying? Remember this is the party that believes too many troops can cause an island in the ocean to over turn and other stuff like that. Just think of peelousey and the jacksons of texas, the queen from LA and now the idiot from mass!

    Dont try to reason or make them think, they are capable of neither.

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