Arizona Representatives React To Funding Bill Passage

(Photo courtesy Architect of the Capitol)

On Thursday night, the House of Representatives approved the compromise funding package to avert another government shutdown. The package was passed overwhelmingly by the Senate earlier in the day.

President Trump is expected to sign the bill Friday morning, and declare an emergency in order to reallocate approximately $8 billion additional dollars in order to fully fund construction of the southern border wall.

According to Rep. Andy Biggs, “This bill includes a whole host of items that are outside the bounds of constitutional spending, which severely add to our deficit and enhance bloated government programs with little accountability.”

Some of Arizona’s politicians took the time to explain their votes:


  1. This issue on it merits is a no brainer.

    In short future when a Demo is in the White House and that person uses same horsepucky to force political preferances, all of you Republicans commenting on “the wall ” will be glad to know you have created option that you will mot like when you get to have issie that ” majority” of Americans do not want.

    I will sit back and watch all of you cry, whine, wimper, yell, and least you not forget you created this.

    Lets all hope that Supreme Court applies the law not the politics..

  2. albert even the democraps of the past have declared an emergency and then sat on their hands while taking in the $$. Now there is a president FOR the people who is wanting to do what has been requested for years and you and yours are trying to make him into a dictator. The closest we had was bho and his pen and a phone comment. Little said when he was appeasing putin in the often shown but nothing said of ‘wait till i get reelected so i can do what you want’! remember that? Probably not as it is a leftist talking and we all know that only the right bows to the russians! What about hitlery and her selling off the uranium 1 deposits for her $$elf gain? No really get a life and start caring for the USA and not the lefts ideas of what they consider reality. Just look at what your heros in cuba, venezuela, and SE asia are doing/did for their ‘people’.

    • “Repubs must not allow Pres Obama to subvert the Constitution of the US for his own benefit & because he is unable to negotiate w/ Congress,” — Donald Trump, 2014.

      • subvert the Constitution of the US for his own benefit….

        Please Albert, its not for his benefit, it is for the benefit of the country to keep the trash and drugs out. Don’t think so, just go down the the border and look for yourself. The only thing that these people from the 3rd world s(*t holes bring in an open hand to get some of uncle sugar’s money. Please be aware that your party was for border security and the wall before they weren’t. What have the ILLEGALS brought with them Albert. Can you say disease, no job skills, no eduation, NOTHING but the need to get a handout from YOUR pocket. How does it feel to get your pocket picked and your precious progressive party allows them and encourages them to do it. There is no more dimocrat party, its so far left that it has become a laughing stock. Even the dims are afraid for 2020 with idiots that want free health care, free government jobs, free college educations and the best, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax the rich to pay for it. Great outlook from the millennials, right. Pathetic.

  3. When did the USA become a third-world dictatorship? What “national emergency?” We have a Constitutional system of checks and balances — a president does not get to assume dictatorial powers because the Congress didn’t give him everything he wanted to keep his poll numbers from slipping further south. Want to know how places like Venezuela and The Philippines and those other murderous dictatorships came about? Because good people didn’t stand up and shout “NO!” when the wannabe strong men found some lame excuse to declare a “national emergency” and tear up their Constitutions. Remember the Reichstag Fire?

    • You know, Albert…I’m tired of the left’s constant references to Hitler and Nazism when referring to Trump.
      Does Trump have any organization like Hitler’s infamous Brown Shirts doing dirty work for him? No, but the left have two hooligan groups doing theirs! Antifa and Black Lives Matter have both instigated Kristalnacht type events.
      Does Trump display ANY anti-Semitic characteristics like Adolf? No, indeed Israel in particular and some NY Jews have both named him as a friend to the Jewish people. How about the Democrats? Do I have to point out their 2 freshman congresswomen?
      I know you are a contrary voice to those who generally post here and I respect your positions as a well intended opinion. But please try to lay off the dogma and keep it real.

      • You missed my point. I didn’t call anyone a Nazi. I generally try to resist name-calling as it does not further rational debate. I made reference to a staged incident that was used to assume powers beyond the law. And that, I believe, is a valid comparison.

  4. the one world government folks are hard at work trying to change the worlds system of government to ‘one world order’ no borders, one government, the end of nations… just over the horizion

  5. Border communities in Texas which the Cartels own are exempt from building a wall unless locals approve. The Cartels aren’t coming – they are here and I want to thank democrats and republicans who sold our country down the drain for campaign contributions for decades.

  6. One bad part in the bill is it allows illegals to declare even a distant relative as a sponsor so they can remain here. Too big a loophole and invites even more illegals to attempt to cross. The Dems made it very clear they want open borders. Look at Beto and his last statements today. He wants the walls at El Paso taken down totally.

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