Arizona politicians weigh in on Trump’s emergency declaration


Arizona political leaders weighed in on President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration response to the  crisis on the southern border.

President Trump declared the emergency after Congress passed a budget bill that included only $1.375 billion to fund border wall construction.

The declaration allows the president to spend an additional $6 billion on the border wall.

Trump reminded reporters that presidents over the last four decades have declared 58 national emergencies. He also noted that governors have also declared border emergencies, including former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano.


  1. I completely agree with and support President Trump declaring national emergency to secure our border.

  2. I agree with most of these folks. Raul, personally I find it frightening that you don’t seem to care about potential criminal, diseases, etc. make it over the border as well. You don’t care, but thankfully many do, including President Trump.

  3. not the comprehensive immigration changes that I hoped for.. but it is the 100% necessary action to slow the drug flow into this nation, to slow the illegal flow into this nation, I say slow because it won’t stop it – but it will place a significant barrier to this flow… and time will tell how effective it is. Has it further divided the nation – I don’t think it can get anymore divided.

  4. Typical responses by democrats. They really dont care about our border…I would never vote for them to represent our state.

  5. keep in mind the funds being diverted from the military are construction projects and do not reduce the operational abilities of our military both here or overseas.

    • The crisis on our border is the fault of the Democrats who leave the President no choice but to divert military funds TO SECURE OUR BORDER AND THEREBY PROTECT OUR COUNTRY FROM CRIME AND THE IMPORTATION OF ILLEGALS WHO HAVE NOT BEEN VETTED TO ASSESS WHO THEY ARE AND WHETHER THEY CONSTITUE A THREAT. If you wish to emigrate to America, the rules on immigration are clear and you must comply with them if you wish to stay here. Those seeking refugee status usually do so because our`s is a nation of laws and breaking our laws to come here brings with them the main problem they are trying to escape from.

  6. I am in complete agreement with Border security. Especially in consideration of the influx of illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, sex trafficking and murders. It’s POTUS responsibility to protect our nation.

  7. The democraps claim that there is a border problem, over the years they advocated for then sat on their hands and did NOTHING just as they are now and the situation has gotten worse. They claim to be for the little guy, but not enough for to offer a secure country. Look at the article at top of page, this is not 1st time but peelousey and company claim the ‘border is secure enough’! Yet they live behind guarded walled establishments and do not know what the real world is like. They are too busy taking care of self 1st.

    As to the last quote from the turd, that was expected higher up and to say just that. He represents the people from SOUTH of the border and the rest here be damned. When has he gotten out of his stupor to say anything and do anything for the people of this area? Remember this is the guy who advocated SHUTTING DOWN the state due to political policies wanted by the people. And guess who was affected the most.

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