Eight unaccompanied children among large group of Central Americans detained by Border Patrol


lukeville map
Lukeville area [Google Maps]

TUCSON – A group of 103 illegal aliens from Central America was detained by Border Patrol agents Monday morning, after they easily crossed into the United States from Mexico in territory where the barrier has only a post-and-rail fence designed to prevent vehicle traffic.

Agents from the Ajo station first spotted the group from a mobile surveillance unit early  Monday morning. The group was spotted walking through the fence, said a release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Eight unaccompanied children were part of the group that included 81 Guatemalans and 22 Hondurans,   1 to 56 years of age.

The area where the group was arrested parallels Mexico’s Federal Highway 2, and is less than 50 yards north of the border.

“In the last few months, Border Patrol agents have seen an alarming surge of large family groups crossing the border illegally at the direction of human smugglers,” said the release from Border Patrol’s parent agency.


  1. Someone PLEASE send this story to all the dumbacrats who think that nobody comes in through our porous southern border! They just want votes to keep them in power even if they have to import illegals to vote for them.

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