Previously deported MS-13 gang member nabbed with large Central American caravan

Alonso Aleman, an admitted MS-13 gang member, was arrested in Tucson Sector by Border Patrol agents Feb. 20. [Photo from CBP]

LUKEVILLE — Alonso Aleman, 38, an admitted member of the notorious MS-13  gang member, was arrested Wednesday by Border Patrol agents from the Ajo station.

He had been traveling through Mexico with a large caravan of illegal aliens from Central America, who entered the United States near Lukeville, said a news release from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The parent agency of the Border Patrol said that Aleman who had numerous previous deportations from the United States will be held in federal custody pending prosecution for illegal re-entry by a previously removed alien.

The CBP is asking the public to assist the agency in the finding and apprehending  illegal aliens by calling (877) 872-7435.





  1. this man’s photo says lots about who is this man – a mere shell of what was born to his mother – a life of dismay and misdirection – no smile here – no happiness here – like ‘forest gumps’ blowing leaf it landed on a caravan going north, might as well have been walking to mars cus he don’t care and doesn’t know the difference – is there a walking dead – have a close look at this mans eyes… they aren’t connected to anything he’s just walking upright.

  2. That one finger you use to point at US involvement, has 3 fingers pointing at Socialism, the true cause of the failure in Venezuela.

  3. Wait until the caravans from Venezuela get going! Once again, bipartisan US policy that destabilizes sovereign nations we don’t like — often with American lives — creates the mess that they now want to spend billions to hide with an unconstitutional “national emergency.” As for the gangs and cartels — if Americans weren’t buying their product they wouldn’t exist. Whenever you point a finger at someone, notice that there’s three fingers pointing back at you.

    • there is a real national emergency and only a fool or a Pelosi butt kisser would not see that there is. Time and again we see caravans marching toward our borders. We need to stop them BEFORE these illegal aliens can set one foot onto US soil. If they do then we are stuck with having to feed shelter and educate them. If they have their litter with them we cannot deport them. We need new immigration laws mandating those who are asking for asylum do so at a US consulate and no petition will be accepted at the ports of entry. Also ne laws to give BP and ICE authority to same day deport all illegals caught crossing the border. No shelter, no waiting for a court, no feeding and no medical. Just take their information (and that information put into data bank so they cannot get a visa or asylum for a min of 5 yrs) then march them over the border where they came from. Yes we need the barriers and we need them now. Not the Pelosi Normandy barriers but high structures that have 6′ foundations and topped with layers of razor wire.

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