Phoenix event showcases the growth of the young conservative Latino movement

Young Latinos admire president, reject exploitation by the left

Turning Point USA Young Latino Leadership Summit – Phoenix, Arizona

PHOENIX — Nearly 300 young Hispanic Americans sent a clear message to Democrats this past weekend in Phoenix:  Your policies have nothing to offer the Hispanic community beyond the divisive politics of fear.

The turnout of Turning Point USA’s Young Latino Leadership Summit was indicative of the growing movement of young Hispanic Americans who are determined to change the course for Hispanic Americans nationwide.

The event gave attendees the opportunity to build valuable connections, receive leadership training, and hear speeches from numerous influential figures including Tito Ortiz, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Mike Lindell.

The number of attendees tripled compared to conferences held in previous years,  a milestone for TPUSA. The turnout showcased the potential for mobilization of the conservative Latino base across the United States.

As the Director of Hispanic Engagement for TPUSA, I was proud to experience this event that acknowledged our cultural similarities and also celebrated the love we have for our country.

The summit also provided an opportunity for us to express the admiration we have for our president, and our willingness to fight back against the exploitation of our race by the left.

According to ​​, the largest voting minority in the United States is the Hispanic population — specifically Mexican Americans. The Hispanic vote can change the tide of an election, as recognized by Robert O’Rourke — who infamously changed his name to ‘Beto’ in order to appeal to the Mexican voting demographic.

Although the Democratic party has invested heavily in its attempt to tap into the Hispanic demographic, we are now seeing Hispanic Americans coming out in full force to show their fierce support, not only for the President, but for the conservative movement as a whole.

The Left has failed to understand the emphasis on family and faith that the Hispanic community embodies, along with the immense amount of pride that those who came here legally feel for this country. That exact ideology and commentary was expressed time and time again throughout the event.

Those who attended YLLS expressed their dissatisfaction with the treatment of the Hispanic community. They are fed up with the resisting of the President on border security matters, the lack of bipartisan efforts to work with the President on a solution for DACA, and the push for “late term” abortions that is rapidly spreading across the nation.

However, for as much frustration there was with the political climate, there was just as much joy.

Many attendees had previously felt like they were alone in this fight. The bonds formed amongst all of those in attendance was visible by the second day, and by the last day, it was very evident that this community has developed a connection much deeper than friendship. We have become a family.

Anna Paulina

With the turnout of this event, the explosion of conservative Hispanics influencers on social media, the growing number of openly conservative Hispanics, and the backing of the conservative movement by the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, there is no putting the genie back in this bottle.

It is time for elected officials and the mainstream media to recognize and appreciate the Hispanic community.

We can no longer be dismissed and discredited. We are, first and foremost, Americans. Our faith is strong and our love for this country is even stronger. We are ready for a “Bienvenidos” or “Welcome” from our conservative brothers and sisters, which this event beautifully showcased.

Anna Paulina (@RealAnnaPaulina)  served in the Air Force as an E-4 senior airman and is presently the director of Hispanic engagement for Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit aimed at encouraging student civic engagement.


  1. Thank You, ADI, for this report.
    Obviously it is the kind of story that will be ignored by the formerly “mainstream” “news” media.
    Though I am by no means a Trump supporter, nor am I a conservative, nor a Republican, I do try to be rational and civil. Therefore I really appreciate efforts such as this at balance.
    Thank you again, everyone involved, participants as well as ADI.

  2. I feel immense pride in these young people not just because they support President Trump, not because they are conservative but because they are defending the traditional Hispanic family.
    Traditionally Hispanics have cared deeply for their most vulnerable family members, the children and the elderly.
    This horrific bill 2696 aka the Infanticide Bill is a crime against babies. The abuse of the elderly would probably be next.
    I come from a Hispanic family and Hispanics have usually been conservative. Example: when I was a teen I could not go on a date unless I took my two younger brothers with me, 11& 7.
    My family attended St Johns where my youngest brother was a student and altar boy, my father liked St Augustine’s and we had Menudo for lunch every Sunday.
    When buying a home my mother searched until she found a home with a guest cottage,where she moved our great grandparents in. (my mom was a related orphan)We had our grandparents nearby for discipline, great stories about their youth in Tucson growing up and countless other advantages of having them near us. ( Tata can I have a quarter?)
    I knew most if not all families had their Nana and Tata living with them, they were not shipped off to nursing homes unless they needed round the clock care right before passing away.
    Our children have always been our future, seeing they got a good education and pushed college on them, to strive above their parents.
    Thank you Turning Point USA’s Young Latino Leadership Summit. I can only hope more will join in and protect our Hispanic Legacy in a way that does not include law breaking of this great country.

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