Lawsuit vs. Rogers to proceed for tying modeling agency to sex trafficking


PHOENIX — A Maricopa County judge ruled in favor The Young Agency, a Phoenix company that became collateral damage in Wendy Rogers’ latest failed campaign for Congress. The judge found that the plaintiff’s lawsuit against the wild-eyed Rogers, “sufficiently alleges a defamation claim” and did not dismiss the case.

Pamela Young, Founder The Young Agency

Rogers, a perpetual candidate for Congress, defeated her Republican primary opponent, former State Senator Steve Smith, by allegedly defaming his employer, the Young Agency. Rogers claimed that the agency, run by Pamela Young, a devoted Christian and former model, was connected to sex trafficking.

In her request for dismissal, Rogers claimed that “none of the defendant’s statements directly tied the Young Agency to Model Mayhem,” according to, but the judge disagreed.

According to, “The Rogers campaign made a website called “Slimy Steve,” which claimed Smith’s job associated him with Model Mayhem, a modeling promotion site that some media reports have linked to sex trafficking.”  While numerous law enforcement leaders and representatives of the major Arizona law enforcement agencies held a press conference to slam Rogers’ dishonest attacks, Rogers doubled down and spent tens of thousands of dollars spreading her dishonest message around most of Arizona.

Young is suing Rogers, her husband Hal Kunnen, and Mike Liburdi recently withdrew as Rogers’ attorney in early February after he was nominated for the federal bench.

O’Halleran was at risk of losing his seat, however Rogers’ dirty campaign turned off many of her GOP base voters and independent voters as well, and she never did get traction coming out of the Primary.  It was at least Rogers’ fifth defeat for office since she first started trying to get elected more than a decade ago.



  1. And the McCainiac tactics are just like Democrats; smear with false accusations while piously proclaiming pretend Puritan platitudes.

    Scratch the surface of any Democrat or RINO politician and you will find a seething maggot’s nest of fraud and deception.

  2. I remember many years ago it became almost impossible to attend any showings at the cinema without seeing anything staring Kevin Spacey.
    It was if he alone had become the lone single actor in all of Hollywood. In a similar manner, Arizona’s politics, especially among the women of the Republican party have become stagnant and stuck on stupid.
    The Spacey syndrome seems to apply locally to both Rogers and Mcsally, as if any viable candidate is quickly shown the exit, pushed aside to clear the path for a favorite loser.
    “Drink-Ability” is why you buy Bud-Light for your next party, even those attending who don’t normally consume it will happily drink it. Morph over to the beer gardens at the AZ GOP and its as if when it comes to candidates, they are serving up nothing but regurgitated skunky off brand beers that are several years out of date, and shockingly, unlike Jonestown kool-aid, no one is drinking it.
    Of course Rogers attacked her opponents with vicious attack ads, she had to, she had little choice. She’s simply unelectable, she willingly bathed herself in the filth of the McCain machine who at the time controlled the Arizona GOP.
    In her unyielding zest for public office, Rogers is now stuck in a legal mess for reading prepared scripts and approving campaign ads. Ads she most likely didn’t write herself or knew anything about outside of what her McSleeze handlers told her.
    Until we finally stop attacking our political opponents, and instead garner support based on our own merits Vs. highlighting our opponents failures or shortcomings, suits like this will continue to become commonplace.
    Col. Rogers should be saluted by a grateful nation for her military service. But based on her political behavior, it’s kinda difficult to render any further respect for her.

    The Oracle

    • All you need do it look at the cretons that have gone to the U.S. Senate from Arizona!

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